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The other day I went to my local Lidl store cause I hade seen an ad for summer plants. So I scored:
bild 1One fig plant, two Angels Trumpets (it say Datura on the box, but the flowers in the pic is absolutely Brugmansia) – the red and white one I have never seen before. Not that I know it all when it comes to these plants. One is called Pepina Gold and the fruits in the picture look interesting. The last is called Tibouchina and I have never heard of it before, but you can read about it here. Certainly hope mine don’t grow to 20m of height though. Fat chance.  So what did they cost, all but the fig costed 25 SEK each (the fig a bit more) and that is 2.89 USD!

They are all in new pots along with two new dahlias (the former developed some strange insect “invasion” and the leaves started to drop like the pots was all dried out). So I cut of all the stems and re-planted the tubers. Also bought some small pots of lavender and sempervivum and planted the new grape vine – red and very tasty according the label.




bild 3

I’m on a gardening roll :D

bild 4



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Finished the re-making of the “planetary” circles on the Infinity and now??? Thanks to Beth advice I have ordered a cross stitch embroidery kit. WTF quite a few might say including my former work friends at Huddinge Hospital ;) That order is probably two weeks away from arriving and I feel kind of restless. Pottering around the windowsills filled with plants, re-pooted seedling and seed trays exchanged with visits in the greenhouse. Re.planting, planting, making plastic cups ready for sweet pea seeds and just enjoying myself. In my mind I plan some so called miniature gardens, like tiny dollhouses/show cases with a gardening theme. Saw that Amazon sells stuff for these kind of arrangements so I need to find some novels (or a whole bunch of them) since I’m out of captivating stuff and try not to go over board with tiny thing purchases.

Sam is in South Africa at African Dream Horse Safari since last Sunday and even though we don’t talk, at least I get occasional PMs on Face Book and – he figures in the background of the horsey girls pictures. And he does rides and does his very best even though he is not the most experienced of them. Tomorrow they are having an outing to the Kruger park… I am NOT envious at all, at all….

Me, I’m going to IKEA tomorrow. have a lovely weekend

Now you see it – or you don’t


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First of all images

We start of the 4 day Holiday here with Long Friday. When I was a kid my parents (and probably all others as well) had the notion that this was a day when you had to be bored – no fun stuff at all .o

So when all usual day to day things are done, and I replanted both cucumbers and the fuchsia cuttings, I want to sew. But since I can’t com up with anything I feel like making and the actual quilting is a far away in the future, I decided to re-do some of the parts on the Infinity. Like the planet type circles where the metallic bases are uneven and I only sewed down three strands of floss.old-planetTook out the circles and threads and came up with the brilliant (?) idea of crocheting  a long line with two strands and stitch it back on:planets-newYou all see the difference – right?

Have a lovely weekend all!

The deed is done


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So Infinity is finished. Well, not finished finished, but the top is done. After thinking this way that that I realized that there was only one way to handle that double border – unstitch it and re-sew them one at a time. DSC_1687Now I will pack it away, to await the call from a quilter but it will take a very long time before that happens. As long in fact, that The DH stared me and asked what I was thinking, not being able to complete it for that long. But I can be kind of stubborn too and I know what I want. When it returns home there will be some more embellishment and binding.

This has been a like a 2 year project which started with an ad for the very prestigious Swedish auction house Bukowskis. this is what I saw: rabatten_rod_stor2A carpet designed by the Swedish textile artist Barbro Nilsson in 1944. The asking price is merely SEK 592 450 (incl. Swedish VAT 25 %). The minute I saw it I knew that I wanted to make a quilted variation of it and your who know me and have followed the process here, know how many takes of the hexagons I did ;) And all the variations of the rest of the design…no strange thing it has taken so long to get it done.

Almost everything is hand appliquéd except for the Bollywood bends and the compass needles. Some might ask why I don’t quilt it myself but 1) I don’t own a long arm machine 2) but two domestic Janome and 3) my imagination for great quilting is zilch and I don’t know why, but my brain refuse to work when I have to wring a piece though my machine. I think it is far more easy to let your body do the work of steering a machine than pushing the quilt this way and that. I do long (long, long, long) to own a long arm machine, but have come to realize that even though it may be financially possible in the future (and The DH has promised me one), I will have no support and no one to teach me, no one to ask..just me all alone here in Sweden. There are as far as I know (but I don’t know it all) only 3 people here who ones one of these marvels, but they use mostly pantographs and maybe computer aided as well. That I don’t want to do…call me snobbish but for me the actual quilting is form of real art. I know I know, one has to practice, practice and then practice some more, but it’s a vast difference between doing smaller stuff like exercise pads and try to make Infinity shine.

So I find solace in the green stuff and have been to yet one more garden centre today :) The silly dog Arwen is in false prejudgers and does the most stupid things, like tearing a hole in a down duvet. Thank heaven there is doggie meds for this behavior.

I dream a little green dream


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After some years of gardening hiatus I’m back and can’t understand what stopped me since it is so rewarding. Just look at one of the dahlias

bild 2-8

They have both grown like 1.5in and the real leaves shows.bild 1-9And the gladiolus have sprouted as well as the cucumbers bild 3-3I realize that I might have been a bit too early with these, I will probably end up with having them climbing allover indoors. Especially since the lovely spring days now are over and the C are close to zero and some sort of snowy rain is falling outside :(

At work they think I have gone over board but hey I only planted seeds for: two varieties of basil, sage, physalis, three sorts of cucumbers, 6 tomatoes, seven hot chilies, three sweet peppers and one melon as well as one black calla and pot with like 10 ranunculus rhizomes (not sure what these little things really are called). I have some flowery seeds left, but I think I will hold out a bit longer.

Oldest son is taking riding lessons on his free time (which isn’t much since he start at 7.30 and finish round 5 at work practice at Kolmården) that he need for his trip to South Africa in 3 weeks. Youngest son is having a day out with school – Romme 3 hours north they are skiing downhill. First time for him ever and I admit we are a very strange family Swedish wise, since we don’t to go fjällen every year as “everyone” else is. Just hate snow and cold and prefer to save my vacation time for the warmer months.

Tomorrow there will be a much needed appointmentnwith my fantastic hairdresser – yay.



Spending some money



They say that eucalyptus is one though m-f to propagate from cuttings, but since I can’t find a plant I bought a sprig at the florist. Tearing several pieces away, dipping them in rooting hormone and then into small pots filled with perlite and then they went into the small indoor “greenhouse” where the fuchsia cuttings live. They say that you ought to put a plastic bag around each pot, but I hope that the house will be enough.bild 4Also got some trinkets for the big greenhouse, love for the house to be decorated with small things, not only plants bild 3-2In my chase for a new box of the rooting hormone (so far found non) at Blomsterlandet at least i got a cosy blanket bild 5Later in the afternoon I took John to the Stinsen mal and spent XX SEk on two pair of jeans, two shirts and a belt, but it was so worth it cause he look so good in his new stuff :D



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Read in the morning paper last week that it is scientifically proven that gardening makes you happier, most so if you get your hands in the soil. I know gardening is used as therapy for burned out and depressed people – the real deal, not Oh I feel a bit down today ;). So yesterday I cleaned out the rest of the last years debris in the greenhouse, pretty pleased and now I only have to wash all these windows which won’t happen until the risk for nightly frost is over. greenhouse141515aManaged to unwed a bit over half of the sleet patio in the back, but no picture – too boring.

The dahlias I bought last week have sprouted :D dahlia150314The grape vine in the greenhouse have survived this winter too, I didn’t cut it down in November cause I wanted to see how it will act uncut. bild 2-6

Brought in a bag of seed compost to the house to defrost and The DH has changed to summer tires on the car. In late afternoon I took my chair and put it under the fan set on heat and viewed my queendom (very seldom anyone disturbs me when I’m out in the greenhouse) with great pleasure and felt my soul do some happy dance.

Today I bought two trays of pansy that will stay in the greenhouse and the seed composed is warm enough for sowing. Yay!

Spring hasn’t sprung


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just yet, but the gardening season is officially on:bild 2-5Decided to do a make-over of the front border, which look plain ugly, so I pre-planted two Dahlia (bad pic, kind of dark red wine) and a collection of Gladiolus. Also ordered smelling roses – red-orange and dark orange as well as some Columbine that will be delivered in the middle of April. Got all my seeds now, so I’m going to start sowing them pretty soon. But first I have to clean out last years debris and do some window cleaning in the green house. For the first time in many winters, there are no crashed window (due to snow) that’s to The DHs invention that supports the frame. :D

The problem with making over the border in spring is that I have to guess which perennial, bulb and roses can/will be saved. But right now the snowdrops are out = there is hope.

Second time


Me and John was doing some cider shopping for the dinner tonight at the local Systembolaget (the only place you can buy alcoholic stuff higher than 3.5%)  – John put the bottles on the belt (here my English kind of eludes me) and I waited for paying. The girl went “do you have an ID?” (you have to be 20yr old) and at first I got kind of flattered until I realized that she asked John. I looked at her in confusion. !”why would he have an ID, it’s me doing the shopping?) well, yes but…”For Pete’s sake he is my SON!! The girl had the decency to look a bit shamefaced since it probably didn’t enter her brain that even though we don’t look alike at all, we could still be family. What we can’t understand is why did she think I was standing there with my CC hold high? John said – it was like Shipol allover, but at least she was nice.

No news is good news?



Nothing much has happened in the Infinity area, sort of creative slump and waiting for new fabrics to maybe making the juices flow? Throw a bad cold into that and you get zilch sewing. I do have some ideas, but so far they haven’t worked out. The only good thing was yesterdays mail that brought some of the new Northcott Artisan Spirit collection named Sandscapes. And look – aren’t they just drop dead gorgeous? sandscape1 sandscape2I ordered four more from another place and hopefully they will arrive at the beginning of the week. I think I want to use them in the outer border and have been playing with making my own triangle template (printed in Photoshop and glued to mylar template plastic) but I’m not sure they get 100% accurate that way… And the acrylic triangular rulers I got (only 3) aren’t the right angle…This need some more work and testing. Meanwhile I will try to wrap my head around making some 1/ compass needles, to see if they might work in the corners of the top. But right now I need to blow my nose and get a cup of honey/lemon water.

Happy Valentines Day – if you are celebrating it.


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