Thank you

All for the lovely comment re. my precious princess has left us. I can this, pet owners a great and caring people <3

Five days has passed and I hear Fionas claws tripping on the parquet floors, her “miffling” (don’t ask me to explain that LOL) and a slight moaning and groaning when she mustered the stairs. It is very quiet over here, Arwen and Diego isn’t making much noise or demand anything, probably still quite confused.

DSC_0187All have a lovely weekend!


Ode to my princess, or – who owned who



I have started this several times over, but finding the right words isn’t easy. It’s 4 pm over here and pit dark outside (wrote this part yesterday), the same darkness that line my heart and soul cause as of Monday morning my precious Fiona is no longer with us. My Fiffi who have been my beloved companion for almost 14 years have walked over the Rainbow Bridge to be with friends, boyfriend and family. DSCN1466

In the fall of 2001 we decided that the time was right for us to get a dog and we fell in love with the Rhodesian Ridgebacks breed We drove down to the dark parts of Småland the day before Christmas and came home with a chubby girl who puked all over the car on the 300km drive and made our house her palace (she is named after the Princess Fiona in Shrek)Fiona 23 dec-01She never understood why she couldn’t have nibble out of these living chewing toys (the kids) cause she liked the way they squealed LOL, or why we got upset with her for chewing the knobs on the kitchen drawers to splinters while left alone for short while. Fiona janHey, who want to be alone closed in a kitchen without any food? Suit yourselves! Trying to teach her to sleep in her own bed was hopeless so for many years she slept behind me knees under the covers ;o  And at times she found better places to nap:

dec2 017

IMG_2305As we, Fiona found her soulmate and fell in love with Lukas the magnificent (aka Lucky Luke). Every time I told her that he was on the way or that we was going over to him, she ran to the door and sat there waiting. And I heard from Lukas mom, that it was mutual. 


aug14 025

I don’t think RR are very cuddly as a breed and they decide how and when (at least Fiona did) so the moments when she wanted to be close was very treasurable. Like when I was allowed to rest my head on her flank or she snuggled up behind me on the couch and laid her head under my chin watching a movie. Precious moments. IMHO RR are smart dog and Fiona very so, she understand more spoken words than any other dog I have met. She was proud, a bit aloof, great guardian (especially when the evil mutt Vicky or the dalmatian Prillan walked by), funny, loyal. So loyal that she nipped The DHs side when he snuck in the backdoor and scared the living lights out of me. She reacted in a blink of the eye to my scream, not even taking the time to see who sank her teeth into LOL. Never try ti make a RR to do something it don’t want to do (they are stubborn as hell), it’s totally hopeless unless you ply it with meatballs or dried black pudding ;)

14 years (and a month) is very much for a RR and her breeder told me that Fiona was the only one in her litter that was still alive. Up till a few months ago Fiona has been quite well, but then she started to decline. Her growths and bumps got the worst of her and in the end she didn’t want to go on morning walks, food was less and less appetizing (until I found this disgusting smelling stuff in a plastic sausage – that was like doggie dope or something). She got bit annoying toward the end, woke up in the middle of the night to go pit a pat all over the wooden floors tapping her claws. What she wanted I don’t know, she went back to sleep on the couch after a while. Maybe waking us up and being annoying was enough? IMG_3534As I told on FB, last Friday she climbed up on the couch, sat very close, put ner nose to mine and stared me in the eyes. I know that is when she told me enough is enough, I want out of here. So two days later I made the call to the vets, (the hardest decision ever) and I took her there Monday morning, all calm and stressless. While the sedative was working I talked about the wonderful life we have had together and whispered to her the names of my darling friends pets and dogs we have known who have gone before her – twice, so she would remember who to look for at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I didn’t cry much yesterday, but I do now and frankly, anyone dare to tell me she was “just” a dog, I will punch them in the nose – hard!!DSCN1629

Fiona, Arwen is crying for you (in case you wonder, yes dogs can cry) in the evenings and is looking for what is missing. My heart will heal and my soul remember all the good and great times and I’m pretty sure that Arwen and Diego are saying to me (like John did when I sniveled after Sam moved away from home) but Mama, you have us. And lucky me who does. And hey you, Fiffiliff, I will love your forever and ever.


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On Wednesday I got to pick up my latest splurafabrics from eQuilter at the local DHL service point only 4 days after I placed the order. Nor The Dh or I have never ever experienced such a speedy delivery from the USA. Heck, even within the Swedish borders it isn’t that fast most of the times. But that is because the Postnord sucks! Oh I will not get into that, but can say that it was “bättre förr”.  The great thing about it all, was that customs hadn’t got to it, so no extra taxes and fees this time. Maybe they have their hands full with the current refugee big time inflow?  OK then, what did I get? This:equilterSome are so beautiful it hurts and one is a bit funny (Star Wars funny) that will be sewn into a new pillow for my oldest big SW fan son. All the others (except one) will be used in a new appliqué project, if I ever will be able to wrap my head around it and draw a working sketch. Well, I do suck at drawing but maybe not as bad as The DH who at the best can draw a stick man LOL.

Grey and moist and November blaha, I do hate this time of the year and I hate the daylight saving stuff…But it’s Friday and a lazy weekend is in front of us, tonight our version of tapas and some fine wine. :D


Gone “girl”


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I haven’t posted a while and that is because 1) My Safari don’t work very well (ll my bookmarks are  there 2)not friendly with Firefox 3) my creativity is on a sub zero level.  Haven’t done a thing except for a laughingly simple runner for the coffee table. The only reason for that is that I was more than tired of the old one.

In lack of creativity I read. A lot! Real books made out of paper, not digital. And since the local library (which is quite big) has such a lousy selection of books in English, every now and then I spend some SEK at Amazon UK, purchasing 8-10 novels at a time. I confess, I’m not into more hight end literature (although I read both Solzhenitsyn and Grass in my youth) and tend to stick to fiction. Imagine my great surplice when I read the back cover on this book bild(9)a biography written by a former nun ;o And it was goo, no it was great and I could hardly put it down. It’s about a girl who want to be a nun in Mother Theresias order and w hat she went through to get there….OK, I am not at all a religious person and Christianity is beyond what I believe in, but this book is fascinating and more that one I just had to shake my head in almost wonderment because of the rules and regulations and the way MT made a career out of her nun-hood. I’m not saying she didn’t do good for the poor, cause she and her order was/is, but …..well… Read it and form your own opinion.

It is truly fall here, the sun is shining but t’s a bit nippy, the birches are pure hello, the maples and decorative vines all kind of shades of red and I know I ought to get out in the greenhouse and cut down the grapevines but I still don’t really get how to do it properly.

So I think I make myself another cup of tea, jus picked up my newest order from Wittard in England – the sure has some great teas like “Extravagant Earl Grey” and English Rose.

Suggestion for a new creative endeavor will be highly appreciated ;) EDITED; no longer needed, I’m making scallops :)


I brine it my way


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After trying a few recipes for pickling cucumbers and jalapeños, I have tried to come up with my own brine. The first I made was not salty and sweet enough, but the second one turned out almost just right and this morning I tweaked it and pickled one jar of Pot Black chilies and one jar of mixed chilies and this brine is kind of yummy.chilli

This is my brine, enough for two small jars (as in the pic):

300ml water

50ml applecider vinegar

50ml white vine vinegar

4 tbs caster sugar

3-4 tsp sea salt

1tsp cumin seeds

1tsp coriander seeds

1tbs black pepper corns

A few allspice corns

A few pink pepper corns

1tsp mustard seeds

2 kaffir lime leaves

4 whole peeled cloves of garlic

Divide the seeds and corns in two jars, then put in the chilies . Divide the corns and seeds as you like. Put the water and vinegars in a pot with the sugar, salt and the garlic, simmer on medium heat until the sugar and salt is dissolve. Turn of the heat, take up the garlic and put tow cloves in each jars and pour the brine until it covers the chilies (or whatever you want to pickle). Let the jars with the lids of until they have cooled down completely, Screw the lids on rather tightly and put them in the fridge. IMHO it takes around 3 weeks until the chili/cucumbers/whatever is ready to taste. How long they will last in the fridge? I have no idea, but since it’s cool I hope they will last for a long time :) We even had some of the pickled cucumbers with our home made burgers last night. Nice!

Here the fall is upon us, but thanks to glorious sunshine me and the dogs have been able to lay out on the veranda for a couple of hours each afternoon. Normally fall is not my fav season, but thanks to this I can almost persuade my SAD brain that the horror of dark and dankness is still far ahead. The birches are shedding their leaves and the maples as well as ornamental vines are turning into blazing colors. Hope the weather will keep over the weekend so the last of the chilies in the greenhouse grown to a pickable size.


Fab night out


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Last night me and my best friend at work B, went to town for a “Salon” with designer extra-ordinaire Camilla Thulin and the director of fashion at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Karina Ericsson Wärn. We got a guided tour at the exhibition of Camilla’s work over the years and my oh myyyyy, it was fantastic, mind boggling and so flippin good. Camilla Thulins kostymer från "Amadeus", Stockholms stadsteater 2004, ingår i utställningen på Kulturhuset.Picture from

There was many best things (like to hear Camilla talk about her history and work) but for me the top one to be able to study the costumes and dresses, to be able to pick up a hem, turn up a sleeve and practically ogle the embroideries at a like 2cm squinting distance. I’m in total awe of that guy at Camilla’s’ studio who does all the embroideries. Thousands of questions went through my mind and I did manage to give voice to a few. I didn’t even tried to take any pictures, no one else did and I thought it wasn’t allowed.

We did got to see the theaters costume storage. Did you know that they don’t only make one costume for a main character (maybe two), but a copy for the understudy as well? Everything in the storage was sorted like mens white shirts, women raincoats, angel wings, black boots etc etc. And – there was even some shelves with fabric bolts ranging from nice cotton gingham to the most gorgeous embellished lace. I think I would give a LOT to get inside Camilla’s’ studio and just sit there to see how they make all these costumes …. Jokingly asked if she needed an assistant ;)

After the costume storage it was time for a three course dinner and me and B was lucky to sit next to an amazing lady who had been working at the Armory (Livrustkammaren) all her life and traveled all over the world creating exebitions. She was so fun to listen to and a dog lover too.

After all that wonderfulness we was lucky that B’s man picked us up and drove me all the way home. Sat up late talking to The DH, sipping a small glass of wine, recapping the evening . Due to all that sensory overload (count in going on public transportation into the city at rush hour) I had the hardest time falling asleep and felt like a walking dead this morning. But I’m lucky oh so lucky that I took this opportunity and that B wanted to come with me. And we plan to see the exhibition one more time and then bring our friend L with us. Stylish powerful woman rocks!!

Eau de – WHAT???


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You know that I have been “in to” perfumes most of my life. Sad thing that I didn’t have the sense to save all the bottles I have owned over the years. If I had, I would have been able to find my all-time summer cologne love from the late 80th. As it is, none of the perfumistas I have talked to over the years have any idea of what I’m talking about. It was a green, grassy and very fresh almost dry scent and it came in a straight cylindrical clear glass bottle with a straight silver cap with black grass blades print (on the cap, not the bottle). Thought it was a Gres scent but nope.

Move forward to today; lucky for us who love perfumes there is a place called The Perfumed Court where you can order samples of perfumes etc to your little fragrant hearts content. I amuse myself every now and then and browse through description of scents and what notes they are composed with and then I order some samples of those who speaks loudest. And at times I order samples of fumes that I have read about. Most of the time nothing agrees with me and I give the samples away to friends. Last week I got four small vials in the mail and I think I will give up all but one, namely 1ml of “Eau de Celeri”
from a house called Monsillage in Canada. First – the name is a bit off putting, I mean Eau de WHAT?? But open the stopper and put your nose to it and inhale! My poor little heart went pittetypat – green, fresh, dry and it kept that way through the dry down and after. It is as close to that perfumed grail I can ever find and I have used up half of that little sample. Needless to say it only took me only a day or two to decide to purchase a full bottle and the other day it arrived with our friendly mailman.

celeri_grande(Picture from Monsillages website). Oh my, I’m in fragrant heaven and it’s made up of galbanum, coriander, cut grass and vetiver to mention a few notes. It’s classified as a green chyper and for an Eau de Toilette it has great sillage and the staying power is unusual, I can smell it on my wrist after +6 hrs still.

I can imagine that for many this kind of scent is a spring summery one, but I will use it into the fall and maybe beyond.

let’s get started


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As I said before, I have done nothing much creative worth in ages. A few ideas here and there, even bought these silk laps but have done nothing except fondling them.

Then a couple of weeks ago I came up with the perfect project that isn’t too big – new covers for the couches in the RV. The ones I made a couple of years ago is honestly, butt ugly.

The color scheme as it is in the RV, isn’t the prettiest one – brown and some strange kind of beige upholstery. What will get along with that? Some different of smokey pastels and dark blue? Went online and ordered these from ToB:tob-150815

Not the best pics colorless, but natural light at my desk upstairs isn’t that good. So now I have an adea, fabrics so what to do with them that does’ shout homespun allover? But of course Kaffe Fasset’s Double Diamond pattern from the book “Quilt Grandeur”. These covers are small enough so it won’t take forever, but the diamonds a bit tricky enough not to finish it over a weekend ;)

Tomorrow is the new turning point in our family life, when John starts gymnasiet (upper secondary school) at Rubeck school here in our municipality. In three years of time he will be graduating and be on his way into the life of a grown up. How did this happen? Where did the time go? I’t just 16 years (in a few weeks) since that little chubby bundle was placed in my arms. OK, confession time, I like them best now when you can have a conversation (and an argument) like more or less grown ups, baby years wasn’t that much fun ;o

Two more weeks of vacation to go and the sun is still shining = yayyyyy!!!


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Yesterdays mail brought a package all the way from Australia with the much awaited silk laps. Just look at them silk-laparen’t the just the most gorgeous things? And soft, they are soft, so soft I’m toying with the idea to make cuddly toys…They must be carrying some secret scent cause Diego (my JR boy) went absolutely bananas and tried to get up on the dining table. I haven’t dared to open them up yet, my work table if full of Pokemon cards and I don’t want to ruin my sorted piles. Lordy me, that must be a fortune that I paid for them and I doubt very much that I will get them back (the money) when we try to sell them. Batter kickback from Lego which we have quite a few kilograms of.

Tonight Swedish fresh crayfish the Swedish way (they are cooked in water, dill flowers, salt and suger – each supplier have their own recipes), we splurge when they are in season). During the weekend we are probably have new neighbors moving in. Gonna bee interesting to see if they can behave and park their cars better than the quite famous TV star who used to live here ….and her friends….Yeah yeah, bitchy me ;o



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45Picture from The Thread Studios website.

Yesterdays mail consisted of a bill and the latest issue of Machine Quilting Limited. I swear, that magazine always raise my spirits, even though I am so far from a machine quilter you can come. There was an article that really made my creative juices flow ” Algeria Color for the soul” by Michelle Mischkulnig. Never heard of silk laps before, but I went to the site suggested The Thread Studio as a source. Oh my, the pictures Are gorgeous and my brain went bing-bing and thought that maybe they can be used in my new project, get a sort of 3D effect? And the colors in the pictures are so – yummy, so I ordered two pieces and truly look forward to their arrival. If they ever do, cause so far 3 packages from around the world has gone missing in the postal service the last month, they don’t even show up on the postal services tracking function… For me it’s beyond questionable how a small envelope from Paris, France still hasn’t shown after a week

Meanwhile I’m re-constructing Sams new Cosplay costume and boy am I happy that I saved my old mannequin from the 80th, makes the shortening of the cape so much more easy. But it’s far from easy to work in black polyester fabric with a lime green polyester lining.

Ha, I made it! After sever trials I hand busted both the outer fabric and the liner, hung it on the mannequin and pinned it together. All +2m of it and then hand stitched it all holding my breath that there would be no unevenness or “bumps”. Happy to say that the cape is as good as new, only shorter. Well done me!!


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