I’m alive

Yes, it has been a while and I can’t say just why. Sometimes life just comes in the way and the need for lengthy writings is totally silent. That tree thing stumped me and I started over, made new leaves and new colorful round things too and then I got the news that my BGFF is seriously ill. That got me into a creative frenzy, just had the need to do something. So I went through my Linott books on jelly rolls, ordered some from eQuilter which might be on the upscale of prices but boy do they deliver fast – two days with DHL express. And this is the result of speed sewing, don’t think I made anything this fast before.IMG_4013The strips in between the rows and the borders is a kind of soldi fabric with a silver metal coat, not the easiest thing to sew with but alas, this is a comfy, cuddly quilt, not anything to exhibit;) It was delivered in person on Wednesday and my friend got very happy with both my surprise visit and the quilt. I drew 440km that day and still feel a bit out of it. Oh, I made a pitstop at Sam’s on the way back north and it was so wonderful to see him❤

When I bought the jelly rolls of the quilt, I bought this one as well just cause the colors was so happy. Although I have no idea of what to make of it.
IMG_4022The DH and youngest son just went out for a meet wit the WestieIMG_4021The sun is shining but it’s still not very warm, hence the silly looking fleece hats LOL.Have a lovely 1st of May which still is a holiday here in Sweden. Why is beyond my understanding since the workers movement is long gone into history – or?

Tree climbing sort of


Well I created a tree, a very strange on that is. It should have looked better turned upside down, but the trunk kind of make that impossible. And rip it out is even more impossible since the trunk and the branches are fused down and stitched in place. And I don’t have more of the background fabrics so starting over is a no-no. Gahhhh!!!IMG_3862Think it needs more leaves since some branches are too straight and long….Everything comes into a perspective when you look at a picture instead of real life. As always when one tiny creative obstacle is finished (almost) the rest of the project becomes a blur, not knowing what to do or where to start. So I let it be and do house wife things like the laundry, changing the bedsheets and cooking dinner (in the slow cooker) almost simultaneously. I just love that new piece of kitchen equipment, the favorites I made in it so far are spare ribs, rotisserie chicken, pulled beef and Jerusalem artichoke soup. Today it holds baby back ribs that will be finished of with a quick turn on the grill, served with fries and some sort of barbecue/texan cold sauce.

The big question is – where will the unicorn fit in????

Hey Mr postman


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Had to get some fabrics (you would think I have enough – ha!) so I ordered from one of my favorite places eQuilter and ordered some the green one is for grass😉IMG_3855 IMG_3856I really like these ombre fabrics, the tweedy maybe for border or more grass? The others just for fun, because I’m worth it😉 Not entirely sure how I will make grass…have a picture in my creative mind though. So I ordered for 72USD and paid 29 for DHL Express delivery. And it got here in two days time – Denver-Sollentuna in mere two days!?!

Now you might think that 29USD for shipping is steen, but compared to USPS flat rate expedited is a whooping $32.95 and that for sure don’t take 2 days to get here. I don’t get it, but any quilt shop that has DHL Express as an alternative will have my business.

I have a guilty pleasure – I subscribe to Glossybox, just love the idea of getting different sized samples of beauty things each month. Some months are just great and I keep it all and get to learn new stuff, others are not altogether my thing, so I give them to friends and they are soon happy:) So when Fat Quartershop mailed and saíd that they will do the same with sewing stuff, a sampler box each month I couldn’t help myself but jumped right in. And with the introduction price of 98cent including shipping, who can blame me?

What I’m going to do with all them boxes, now that is a different issue totally LOL.

Have lovely weekend all, here spring is gearing up.

Healthcare musings



I know there is much talk in the USA about Bernie and his ideas of single payer healthcare system. It is interesting and when you think how shitty the healthcare system they have now is, anything else must be better. Here in Sweden we pay among the highest taxes in the world and thanks to that we get (among quite a few other things) heavily subsidized healthcare. If you within 365 days pay 1100SEK (130USD) for doctors and district nurse visits, you get the rest of the 365 free healthcare.

So when I yesterday met four different doctors it didn’t cost me anything. That was an eye specialist, my GP and two doctors at the emergency room – for “free”. Pretty amazing. Why all these docs? Six years since the first diagnosis, Bells Palsy is back and I just plain hate it. But I am pretty grateful that I went to the eye doc with the pain behind my right eye and positively torrents of tears that has occurred a couple of times the last weeks. That visit kind of rolled the ball into action. Not that there is very much to do about it, some short term steroid treatment (6 pills first day…..1 pill sixth day). The only good thing is that it’s not as disastrous as the first time and my vanity is somewhat but not altogether intact. Referral to “my” ear doc Bells Palsy specialist is sent.

Well on the good side, I have 7 17-18yr old guys in my basement having a LAN party. The DH set it all up so it looks like a Houston control centre LOL. But the heat, the heat!!!! Me and The DH is set for a cheese fondue and movie night. Tomorrow 70 yr party for my DSIL out in the archipelago😀 The dogs and son stay at home. Goooood!

Of and on

I kind of went of the air (except for a tidbit here and there on FB, must be and age thing). Haven’t done much except with toying with some creative ideas, having phone conversations (and I do mean – con-ver-cations) with the oldest and knitting a scarf for the young one. You know how it is, you have an image in your inner creative self and when you try to put it to paper, it is kind of lame. Or worse, just slightly better than The DH’s stick men (he can’t draw for the life of him) and utterly letargia = not very much have been done. Well, I made these IMG_3757fussy cuts, perfect circles, tiny yo-yos, will somehow fit into a tree. Not entirely sure what goes on in my mind all the time ;-O

Last night before going to bed I made one more attempt on the tree and ended up with thisIMG_3784Need a bit more work, especially on the proportions of the trunk, but I think it is one step forward, at least a small one.

Still nursing the second bad respiratory infection in less than 2 months and now son is home sick too. It’s raining and I hope the dogs will remain calm cause I don’t want to go outside. But this fluffy furry thing probably will = gaaaahhhhh.IMG_3782

Simply amazing



For the new project I wanted som more fabrics and after dwindling I placed a new order with eQuilter on Monday after work and paid almost 30USD for aDHL express delivery. And what do you know, after lunch time today I picked it up at the service point. Now that was absolutely worth the price.IMG_3700When I opened the package I just had to giggle cause the yellow one (third from the top) I have a FQ of it, bought in a FQ bundle sale. To my defense I have to say that it looked nothing like what it did online. And the blu one at the bottom is a batik that looks like running water, hope it works out when it’s cut and sewed.

last night I sat up for a bit, working on the third or so sketch and even though I suck at drawing, the idea is moving towards a plan. Yeayyyyy!

-6C, light snow on and of and fast day….I’m hungry ;(

Happiness in various colors



Hurray x 100 – those danged drapes are over and done with and is now awaiting collection. Never ever again, feel free to hit me if I would waver.

So to calm my creative senses I did what Beth suggested, ironed the fabrics collected (so far) for the next project and just to unfold, iron, unfold made my heart sing a bit, cause I had almost forgot what a pleasure they can bring.IMG_3696Now I only have to figure out where to start. Meanwhile time to purchase some more fabrics.

What will it be? For me to know and you to find out LOL. The only thing I can say that it will be yet one more appliqué thing. Surprised? Nahhhhhh.

Heaven scent or not so



IMG_3690When I was 18, one Christmas my dad gave us each a large bottle of Chanel No5 and I loved it to the last drop. The scent was somewhat like a security blanket but after it was finished I never bought a new one which I should have. I should have bought many of them and stashed them away, cause the bottles they sell nowadays is nothing, I mean absolutely nothing like the vintage one. After dreaming of it I did a Google and found a girl selling vintage perfumes and ordered a small bottle = love revisited. I also bought a small bottle of Estee Lauders Cinnabar and swooned one more times.

Well, I use it sparingly and when The DH texted me yesterday from Kastrup (Copenhagen airport) asking if I wanted any perfume from the taxfree, I thought WTH and asked him to buy me a bottle of the modern No5, knowing very well that they had tampered with the formula I was used to. I got the Eau de Perfume and Ha! Tampering is only the beginning, but I’ll bet they call it reformulating. I can’t find the citrusy top note, it’s more like a bit soap, the original Lux soap from the 60th. It’s not bad, not at all, but to call it Chanel No5 I think is a bit of sacrilege. It would have been more honest if they would have called it a new name instead of impersonate the real one.

Wonder what I will ask for the next Friday? Checking out the Kastrup Taxfree online site, there is just modern day scents – buhu. The son though will get some new clothes though. Good for him.



Honestly, I think Arwen is channeling FionaIMG_3678She who shunned obedience training while Fiona was a champ, all of a sudden showed she can do a few tricks. When it’s winter outside (this morning -11,1C) I decided to try to teach Diego  the lay down commando while Arwen was snoring away. But of course her hearing is still (ehe turns 11 in May) very good so when I opened the box of treats she came running. So we did a parallel session while John held A and I did a few moves (heel, sit, lay) with Diego and then changed places and Arwen did it all and stay too. Kind of interesting and after a few rounds and some “find the candy” they where more than exhausted, Diego so much that he hardly moved for the rest of the day. It is true that working with the brain instead of the body uses up more energy, at least for dogs LOL.

Creative block sort of



The holidays are almost over (just 13 day after Christmas = trettondagen) remains and on Thursday it will be back to normal with school and work. We have overcome the worst of grief after Fiona and honestly there is so much more peace in our house. Poor baby, she wasn’t herself for a long time.

Creative wise most of my efforts have gone into making dinner for all every day and some minor hand stitching project just to have something to do cause I still haven’t managed to wrap my min around my new project. images-6I got the idea and a bad sketch, I got a nice collection of fabrics and some fusible but I simply can’t find the drive to start. Yes, I know, that is them danged curtains that is in the way but I need a clear dining room table to be able for measuring and pinning and so far I have put it of cause there are Christmasy stuff on it. Hmm, I might finish Christmas early? I really truly want these things out of mi house for good.

Think tree, leaves, grass and flowers…although I haven’t decided on the size of the project yet, but I can dream on.


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