I know there is much talk in the USA about Bernie and his ideas of single payer healthcare system. It is interesting and when you think how shitty the healthcare system they have now is, anything else must be better. Here in Sweden we pay among the highest taxes in the world and thanks to that we get (among quite a few other things) heavily subsidized healthcare. If you within 365 days pay 1100SEK (130USD) for doctors and district nurse visits, you get the rest of the 365 free healthcare.

So when I yesterday met four different doctors it didn’t cost me anything. That was an eye specialist, my GP and two doctors at the emergency room – for “free”. Pretty amazing. Why all these docs? Six years since the first diagnosis, Bells Palsy is back and I just plain hate it. But I am pretty grateful that I went to the eye doc with the pain behind my right eye and positively torrents of tears that has occurred a couple of times the last weeks. That visit kind of rolled the ball into action. Not that there is very much to do about it, some short term steroid treatment (6 pills first day…..1 pill sixth day). The only good thing is that it’s not as disastrous as the first time and my vanity is somewhat but not altogether intact. Referral to “my” ear doc Bells Palsy specialist is sent.

Well on the good side, I have 7 17-18yr old guys in my basement having a LAN party. The DH set it all up so it looks like a Houston control centre LOL. But the heat, the heat!!!! Me and The DH is set for a cheese fondue and movie night. Tomorrow 70 yr party for my DSIL out in the archipelago šŸ˜€ The dogs and son stay at home. Goooood!