Yes yes, I have been long gone writing but that is more because there hasn’t been enough going on to write about. Or maybe, the stuff that has been going on has been draining that there was no energy left. And in the creative space almost nothing has been happening for a long time. Until I saw some pictures of Yayoi Kusamas dotted art and got really inspired. But as always, from sketch to start always require some online shopping for fabrics. And then making perfect circles of various sizes wich requires starching. Since starch (ready made) comes in the most boring bottle, I decided to decant some into a old Portuguese perfume bottle I have on my desk and that made the process somewhat more satisfying. IMG_4559

And here is a sneak peak of the project to be – dots & dots 😉IMG_4562Vacation time coming up, The Dh has been renovating the pool for 2 weeks now,IMG_4563and the new liner (with insulation under and sidewise) is as I write almost filled with water. , What is left is the new pool deck and a “incubator” cover. If we are lucky we will have a premiere dip before the season is over LOL. Looking at it longingly since we are experience a heatwave the last couple of days, way to hot for me in the afternoons. Not to mention the nights….

Sam got a job at McD and have been working his butt of, which has paid of. John has started to take driving lessons even though he can’t do the exams until he is 18 next year but an early start will make the tests go flawlessly.

More about the project as it progresses.