Well I created a tree, a very strange on that is. It should have looked better turned upside down, but the trunk kind of make that impossible. And rip it out is even more impossible since the trunk and the branches are fused down and stitched in place. And I don’t have more of the background fabrics so starting over is a no-no. Gahhhh!!!IMG_3862Think it needs more leaves since some branches are too straight and long….Everything comes into a perspective when you look at a picture instead of real life. As always when one tiny creative obstacle is finished (almost) the rest of the project becomes a blur, not knowing what to do or where to start. So I let it be and do house wife things like the laundry, changing the bedsheets and cooking dinner (in the slow cooker) almost simultaneously. I just love that new piece of kitchen equipment, the favorites I made in it so far are spare ribs, rotisserie chicken, pulled beef and Jerusalem artichoke soup. Today it holds baby back ribs that will be finished of with a quick turn on the grill, served with fries and some sort of barbecue/texan cold sauce.

The big question is – where will the unicorn fit in????