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Had to get some fabrics (you would think I have enough – ha!) so I ordered from one of my favorite places eQuilter and ordered some the green one is for grass 😉IMG_3855 IMG_3856I really like these ombre fabrics, the tweedy maybe for border or more grass? The others just for fun, because I’m worth it 😉 Not entirely sure how I will make grass…have a picture in my creative mind though. So I ordered for 72USD and paid 29 for DHL Express delivery. And it got here in two days time – Denver-Sollentuna in mere two days!?!

Now you might think that 29USD for shipping is steen, but compared to USPS flat rate expedited is a whooping $32.95 and that for sure don’t take 2 days to get here. I don’t get it, but any quilt shop that has DHL Express as an alternative will have my business.

I have a guilty pleasure – I subscribe to Glossybox, just love the idea of getting different sized samples of beauty things each month. Some months are just great and I keep it all and get to learn new stuff, others are not altogether my thing, so I give them to friends and they are soon happy 🙂 So when Fat Quartershop mailed and saíd that they will do the same with sewing stuff, a sampler box each month I couldn’t help myself but jumped right in. And with the introduction price of 98cent including shipping, who can blame me?

What I’m going to do with all them boxes, now that is a different issue totally LOL.

Have lovely weekend all, here spring is gearing up.