Yes, it has been a while and I can’t say just why. Sometimes life just comes in the way and the need for lengthy writings is totally silent. That tree thing stumped me and I started over, made new leaves and new colorful round things too and then I got the news that my BGFF is seriously ill. That got me into a creative frenzy, just had the need to do something. So I went through my Linott books on jelly rolls, ordered some from eQuilter which might be on the upscale of prices but boy do they deliver fast – two days with DHL express. And this is the result of speed sewing, don’t think I made anything this fast before.IMG_4013The strips in between the rows and the borders is a kind of soldi fabric with a silver metal coat, not the easiest thing to sew with but alas, this is a comfy, cuddly quilt, not anything to exhibit;) It was delivered in person on Wednesday and my friend got very happy with both my surprise visit and the quilt. I drew 440km that day and still feel a bit out of it. Oh, I made a pitstop at Sam’s on the way back north and it was so wonderful to see him ❤

When I bought the jelly rolls of the quilt, I bought this one as well just cause the colors was so happy. Although I have no idea of what to make of it.
IMG_4022The DH and youngest son just went out for a meet wit the WestieIMG_4021The sun is shining but it’s still not very warm, hence the silly looking fleece hats LOL.Have a lovely 1st of May which still is a holiday here in Sweden. Why is beyond my understanding since the workers movement is long gone into history – or?