A moth or so ago I found some hand appliquéd Japanese Crest blocks fullsizerender-5in a drawer. I admit, I have no idea on when I made them nor how, but they looked semi good to me. And – I couldn’t remember where I got the pattern. Checked out my books on the subject, bought one with gazillion crests and ended up with doing google and printed some. Have the idea of making a quilt with like 4×5 different blocks.

As usual  getting from A to B isn’t always was easy as you had thought as is proven with these pics. The original:

img_4945img_4947Butt ugly as is this oneimg_4946And this:
img_4948Kind of hopeless….but practice makes perfect – right? So some more not worth showing and then – this

fullsizerender-3Not bad – huh? Now select another crest and practice for another …month? And maybe ordering some tiny yardage of fabrics.

Other than that it’s All Saints night here, black outside as a witch’s titty with a light dusting of snow on the ground and imagine, three years ago I had the time of my life in Houston along with Beth and Trish, my Amarican BGF. Remember a lady exclaiming “have you traveled all the way from Sweden just for this dhow?”. Hell yes and I would do it again, but maybe another show in another location 😉

Now time to start dinner!

PS How many of you have managed to stick the skin of your finger to the fabric – by hand? Just asking.