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Of course we couldn’t make it with just one dog and Diego hasn’t been himself since Arwen “disappeared”. We (that’s The DH) have read all adds at “Blocket” (think it’s like Craig list) emailed some but there has always been someone quicker than us. And – we wanted a girl cause we thought it would be easier….then I’ve seen on my doggie FB groups that many have two males and –  we did have two females without any trouble at all. So we found Jackie’s Acke/Tinus 4 months old Jack Russell boyfullsizerender-9The previous owners couldn’t keep him for one reason or the other and it was love at first sight. We named him Manny, to fit into the flock naming pattern and he has taken the transition in a stride.

As pups go he is one feisty little thing, sleeps all night and learned to manage the stairs in one day. Can commands as sit and I’m working on “stay” cause otherwise he is out the door like lightning when you open it. We are changing the food to the same as Diego, Canagan Country Game which is totally without any grain and if Fiona loved it, it must be good 😉 Taking them both out for a walk is a hassle, I had forgotten how much. Trying to keep their leashes untwined take som mind control and keeping Manny from getting his wrapped around various body parts with Diego trying to pull in a tother direction….well, you with dogs know what I mean.

Manny has only been with us for 4 days and he is very lovable. But not so much when in the early morning hours he wrap himself around my head and start to put my face with his tiny cute paws. But then again, I know he feels at home and safe with us.