Pick the pickings


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harvest1Due to the late start of the summer, the crops in the greenhouse could have been better. Much better. Someone (won’t name any names) managed till till the cuces by way to little water and the tomatoes just grow and grew when it comes to greenery, but very little flowers = tomatoes. But those who have matured are tasty. The chilies are doing fine, especially the jalapeños, one tiny pot with two sweet peppers …but the big surprise was the grape vine – the one I thought I had killed by over pruning – four large bunches of small muscat type of grapes. Even though they weren’t ripe just yet, I picked them and have them basking in the glorious September sunshine on the back porch. Accompanied by the neighbors persistent use of his circular saw and screwdriver ;)

Interesting to see will govern us when we wake up tomorrow, doubt very much I have the strength to sit of for the election night wake.

Go out and cast


your vote!! Election day in Sweden tomorrow, but you can cast your vote earlier – like today. For me and The DH living in a democracy and be able to cast our votes is a privilege and we did it the weekend before I went into the hospital. Sam who now is 18 can vote for the first time thought it was the law to vote ;) I told him that you don’t have to, but if you don’t I can’t see that you have the right to whine about the politics for the next 4 years. He told me he need to get at least a little grip on the different political parties then, but I think he will vote. I hope he will.

So if you are Swedish and haven’t done it – cast your vote. And here I was on the verge of writing something about a party that I truly detest, but refrains – this isn’t a political blog ;)

Now I’ve gone and done it



Grocery shopping for the weekend is no “dance upon roses” (Swedish: dans på rosor) and to leave the list to The DH had crossed my mind, but how was he to know exactly the stuff I wanted no matter how detailed I would write? I am picky when it comes to weekend foods.

So with the help of the crutches I managed a full circle of my favorite supermarket (I buy most of our food and household stuff there), pointing at stuff I wanted with one crutch ;) Husband picked and scanned and it was a real teamwork = surprise! So tonight fresh shrimps with baguette and chili aioli (refuse to cook on Fridays), then Biff Rydberg and pulled beef for the other days.

Afterwards – pain. I did more exercise in one go that I have done for the entire week, so I might be able to take a days rest tomorrow? But now, time for the low tone muscle training, I almost forgot….have to do them 3 times each day.

But don’t worry, the only physical things I am forbidden to do is bend the leg in a lotus position and “Charleston” (the dance), otherwise I’m free to do whatever I can manage :)

One week


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have passed and even though it has not been as horrible as I imagined (and not as above), it hasn’t exactly been easy either. Since I stark out refuse to take any morphine pills (the make my sick beyond belief) I rely on heave doses os paracetamol and they do the trick, sort of. But as of yesterday I started to feel better although sleeping is still a bummer – you should see the substantial bruce I have on my right hip…or no, you shan’t see it – it’s gross. Of course I’m still stiff and the muscles are weak and the wound hurts, but the joint is PAINLESS!!! Nothing short of a miracle. Imagine being able to sit down without grimacing from pain –  hurray! What lays ahead of me is physiotherapy of different kinds, from simple movements until the stitches are out to heavier stuff.

When I got home on Thursday evening a large box from my very BGFs in the USA awaited me, filled with quilting goodies of different kinds – imagine I am now the proud owner of a Snap On seam ripper :) I loved all that was in the box, but if you would press me hard (like arm wrestling hard) for favorites I have to say the quilting magz which (as far as I know) I can’t get here from my dear Bethbild 1

they are so inspirational and plenty of pictures of quilts I saw in Houston :) And this book gifted by the fearless ruler of the library in Lodi, WI – Trish. After just 20 pages I saw 5 good reasons why she sent it to me. Since good and great books are hard to come by, I pace my reading ;)bild 2Time to take a short walk on crutches to the end of the block and back. Promise it makes me short of breath 8o

To do or not to?

infinitybollywood2aI haven’t done much since there has been no possibility –  a locked hip is a locked hip….plus I wait (not very patiently) for 14 gross of hot-fix stones to arrive from China. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about Infinity… I do. So far the two bends have been made out of separate fabric for appliqué in place. But I started to think it will add unnecessary bulk to the top? And maybe, just maybe I ought to step outside my comfort zone and do the bends of metallic decorative stitches and hot-fix crystals directly on the top? What do you think?

Tomorrow morning I’m to be at the hospital at 7am…..and back home again at lunchtime on Friday. Interesting + 4 days to say the least :O

Remember this?


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The Infinity project, the one that has gone on for like 1.5 yrs? infinityDue to a lot of reasons not much has happened on it since March this year. Well stuff has happened, like finding a way to connect the larger octagons with the smaller outer ones….Every time I thought I had come up with something, it just didn’t work. Umpteen of small pieces sewn with metallic thread are collecting dust….

Yesterday I tried out my latest idea and today I said f-k you to the hip and sat way to long, ironing on small (2mm) Chinese Hot-Fix crystals (dirt cheep) and in the end I got this:bollywood2bbollywood2aThe crystals aren’t the best of quality, but they are not pebble like as they comes out in the pics, but a bit crystal like. Of course you can’t compare them to the stuff I have got from the USA (that are hot fix rhinestones), but if I am going to bind all these pieces together, they will have to make do.

So what do you think – do it work or not?

Old stuff


Well in lack of new finished projects, I just have to show you these patchesI made them in my teens, round 15-16 I think with an old sheet as background fabric, transfered a bookmark and a pic from an add , grandmas old hoop and ordinary sewing thread (Mölnlycke). Had them on jeans and a bag if memory serves me right. I was pretty nifty even then ;)

Acts of love


Yesterday The DH was tinkering out in the garage/workshop and all of a sudden he comes in, asking John to help carrying something. And this is what they brought: bild-59

So he had sneaked out and bought it (Swedish buy and sell market place Blocket) and I didn’t even know he was gone. Now that is an act of love if there ever is one – get your wife a spinning cycle <3 He even rummaged around the water bottles to find one that fitted.

It might look like some sort of torture machine, but I actually look forward to be able to use it – imagine that ;)




to write about, hence no new posts :(

Except – I finally found Appli-Kay Wonder (awesome stuff) from Floriani (replaceable fusing type of thing) at Stitch-n-frame.net where the shipping was dirt cheap – 5.20USD. How that is possible I have no idea, but it is shipped. Might take forever to get here? Hopefully it will arrive before I go into the hospital, cause I want to have a small piece of work to take along.


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