It’s not easy being green


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EDITED: And what do you know – thunder, rain and a bit drop in the temps ;)

At least not this year here in Sweden where summer didn’t appear until a bit into July. My poor seedlings suffered inside for too long and I thought the grape vine was dead, but with new soil, fertilizer and bigger pots they all was brought back to life and look how they look today.DSC_1585From left: some gigantic chili plants. I put several together in a large growing bucket and they are thriving. Now I know that they do not fare well in orderary pots…Then tomato plants and the two surviving cucumber ones. In the background a bougainvillea that loves it’s new pals.

DSC_1586The cucumbers, some chilies in smaller pots, a gorgeous bird cage that I lined with moss and planted small climbers and some fuchsias in. Two buckets with tomatoes and the grape vine that I think have 4-5 bunches of grapes on it. And it has like the cuces, started to reach for the stars :)

DSC_1587On top a wisteria and a brugmansia that should have gone outside some weeks ago, but with thumps round +30C, gardening work is the last thing on my mind. One more chili and two fuchsias planted in a tin watering can. On the floor a pot with callas, they are grey for cutting and put in a vase.

After the morning watering round I glanced at the thermometer and suddenly understood why it was so hot in there – + 41,5C!!! I have now put the fan on….

In this heat there is only one thing to do and guess if I’m grateful for it) – dippedidip into the pool and this (bad pic taken with cell) is our own hot day haven :) Here on the top floor it is warmer that one can stand – so of for a swim.


Fancy stuff


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As you know by know, I do love gadgets. Either they are for cooking or sewing, the right “thing” makes life easier och more fun. So when I saw this,I just had to had it: bild 1-17Fancy – huh? But what is it? The DH had many guesses but not right ;) It’s a seam ripper from Gingher!!!bild 2-15Confess that I have no idea on how to use it, so far only have had the standard ordinary rippers, so I have to sew some test seams and rip them apart. Bet you use a different technique…

At 7.45am it was +21C and authorities have warned for very high temps the next days. In Sweden? We should have gotten them palm trees when we built the pool. Need to remember to give the furry ones fresh water all the time and get their feet wet. Diego loves to bath in the pool, best is to be held close and just moose around:) Poor Dh who still can’t take some vacation time.

Good as new



A couple of years ago I got a bag from a girl at work, filled with ready cut hexagons – both fabric and cardboard for English Paper Piecing. She had bought it several years earlier at Liberty in London but never got down to do anything about them and gifted me with them instead. Great thing to take along on vacations in the RV, but then it kind of got forgotten.

Until yesterday when I started to plan what on earth to bring along to the hospital except for books, computer etc….And then I had a heck of a time to find the project. OK, it din’t look good as far as I had got, so I unstitched the octagons I had sewed together and realized why it all looked so strange:

bild-55A hexagon has 6 sides plus the middle, so there are two different pieces of fabric missing. OK, so they don’t all have to be blue’n white, thinking of using a darkish kind of hot pink in the middle, but I would dearly like to find something matching for the reamaning “petal”. Checked out FQS and found two but all of a sudden they want 22USD for shipping!! Oh well, I will look around at other places later – suggestions anyone?

Say hello to my little friend


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The other week Beth said “get one” and the doc said after our Tuesday meet “for Pete’s sake get one” So I caved in and The DH got me one. One what? bild-54A cane. A very nice looking (like cloisonné) foldable one and oh my, this is my new little (very supportive) friend. Instead of linking like Quasimoto, unable to lean very much on the right leg, now I can stride forward – like a lady between 90 and death LOL. Swedish saying – mellan 90 och döden. Well that docs appointment kind of cemented that I do have the “right” to be in pain, in immense pain since the right hip is shot totally to h-ll. At my tender age? The good thing is – for a birthday present this year (3 days beforehand) I will get a brand new hip and after some intense rehab will have my normal life back again. Isn’t that fantastic? And nowadays these hip replacements are so advanced that they last round 30yr or so. The surgeon is a hip replacement marvel – he does round 400 per year and all is happy afterwards. AmAzing!! And even though we do have more or less free healthcare in this country a separate insurance makes it possible to have it done quickly, privately and we get that as a benefit at work. AmAzing x2!!

Warm nice weather continues, I take 30 min swims in the +30C pool several times a day – it does help a bit for the pain, having nice chats with Sam who have been home since Tuesday (mommy heart flutters with happiness) and John is doing all night gaming sessions. It is vacation time so why not? Today I’m going for making a beer can chicken on the grill, never tried it before  – normally I do even roasted chicken stuffed with garlic, chili and lemon wedges.

Happy Weekend!!

Things one forget


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I’m pretty sure it’s happened to you too – you place and internet order (for those of us who don’t have a great LQS) and as soon you hit the send button you realize that your forgot to order the thing you had meant to get in the first place. Like that cone of black thread that was the second reason I placed an order with Superior Threads the other week. Well, I see it from the brighter point, since I’m curious I will try a different brand of threads and get 5 different smaller cones and some bobbins:) glide_cp3Of course I didn’t order these colors, just got the picture of the Bobbin Central website.

A bit warmer (round 20C today) but still cloudy. I would lie if I said that my plants in the greenhouse grow with express speed, not even normal speed. Can just hope that August will be warm and sunny, otherwise the crops will be puny.

Slow day, just take care of a load of laundry, pick up the package with Sam’s new cosplay costume and later on make dinner. As usual. Maybe take John for some shopping too, if he’s up to it and not busy with his social life ;)

The Fault in Our Stars


Yesterday afternoon youngest son came up to me and said “we are going into town tonight to watch a movie and it starts late”. Well after all he is 15 so I gotta cut him som slack so OK then. He went over to his friends round 3pm, kept in touch via iMessage and came back home at midnight telling me it was a girly film fault-our-stars-movie-posterbut a good one and that even the boys cried ;) “it was fun, tragic,sad and heartwarming and you can read the book”

I just love it when my guys are in touch with their feelings!

Clean up


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As told yesterday I spend some time cleaning up my sewing area. I ought to have taken “before” pictures but the thought never entered my mind. So instead, imagine a pile of FQs sitting on top of the storage boxes for  more than 7 months 

Then a clutter of small pieces of fabrics, pencils, rulers,thread cones, three spools, a small ironing board (IKEA, sits on top of the cutting mat at the left desk), iron, clover mini iron, a small piece I use as ironing board for that one, boxes with embellishment stuff and glittery floss, a large basket filled to the brim with fabrics and then a stash of fabric on the desk. Look at it now:cleanup1 cleanup2 Almost as good as when we created this space for me :)cleanup3The only thing I’m not pleased/satisfied with (except there is no room for a LA) is the lightning. I get the light coming in from the back of the machine when I sew and since it’s 35yr old pine everywhere – floor, ceiling etc, the room is rather dark. I have 4 different lamps plus the LED ones on the machine, but it’s still no good. I might as the Master of the LED work if he can come up with some crafty ideas?

All of a sudden my low Billy cases where full and there was no room for more pink fabrics, so I had to make room. Here I kind of blush, cause I do have several piles of fabrics that I have bought just because they are cute: juvieNot embarrassing many (I have one pile with whimsical Christmas fabrics too) , but still – why buy fabrics you have no clue of what to make of them, specially these juveniles….my sons are still (hopefully) to young to have kids…Well, “den som spar han har” (old Swedish saying – those who save, has) and one of these days I will be ready to make baby quilts and I have the flannel backing as well ;)

So the juvvies went into a chest of drawers (I am running out of space) and the pinks got room in the Billy shelf. Happy happy.

The good and the bad


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The other day I decided to do a bit of under-the-plate cleaning thinking it could be that bad since I have hardly used the machine for quite a while. HA!!! Oh look at what I found. Bad Wolfie, bad bad Wolfie.lintWell in my cleaning up stage I just did something I haven’t done since pre Houston – sorting in all FQs I bought there and since. The only “thing” left is a gorgeous kit I got from a wonderful friend for Christmas trishIt’s a panel in pale turquoise with matching set of FQs and I simply don’t want to break up the bundle. So it got to stay where it is – an don, I do not keep it on the window sill ;)

So yesterday the purchase from FQS arrived in my mailbox (without passing go = customs) like the one from TOB last week all but one tone-on-tone fabrics ideal for creating borders….Beth’s spikes maybe? As always I feel a deep pleasure to get even more fabrics, the big thing is – where to put them? Think I have some serious sorting to do. And I absolutely have to clean up the mess on my tables, can’t find a thing.haulBut first – some grocery shopping.

The curse of the bobbin case


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You won’t flipping believe it, but just an hour ago the bobbin case on the Janome 7700 broke again. After giving the machine a thorough cleaning and putting back the bobbin case carefully in it’s exact pale, the first stitches I took locked the machine and gave up an unholy sound. Unscrewing it all again I saw that the bobbin had a large bit draped of at one side. This is the second time this happened – the first time was luckily under the warranty, but now I have to pay for a new one myself. And no, I can assure you, I did put the case back properly, I double checked the lock and the red dots.

So no more sewing for like a week, found a UK company that was cheeper than the Swedish one, even including shipping. How come? Gahhh, you can never believe how irritated I am.

Back to the kitchen muttering, making a berry mouse for desert – made pulled beef earlier that will go with sour dough hamburger buns, coleslaw (bought) and cheese sauce (made by me). And a some nice red wine to go with that ;)


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