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I’m really not prone to talk about my very personal self here, but after not recognizing myself for quite some time, I was fortunate enough to get a summons from my GP since it was so long ago I had my thyroid checked out. And whatdayaknow – the levels was low again. The symtoms below I found on the Mayo Clinique and even though I don’t suffer from all, I can tick quite a few. Like weight gain even though doing 5:2 :( Or pain and swelling joints – I look like a hamster and can’t get my wedding rings on in the morning.

Impaired  memory – my memory is so bad that I totally forgot to turn the upside-down cake upside-down and remove the baking paper before serving at a dinner party. Nor did I remember how much pasta to cook for 4 persons and ended up serving a dish huge enough for 8 teenagers ;o I’m so fuddle brained that it is at times a bit frightening. Luckily there are meds, but I don’t think my new dose have kicked in 100% yet. Said that I think I have to call the doctors office. But – if you start to have a few of the symtoms described below, ask your GP for a thyroid check up, it can never hurt. I know of people who have been wrongly diagnosed with depression and in the end it showed that they had thyroid problems What a waste of time and such unnecessary suffering.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!! Tonight I fly to Blåkulla meeting all the otherAz1_1688080a-2Before that I need to go shopping for dog food and John’s Easter egg :)


· Increased sensitivity to cold
· Constipation
· Dry skin
· Unexplained weight gain
· Puffy face
· Hoarseness
· Muscle weakness
· Elevated blood cholesterol level
· Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
· Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints
· Heavier than normal or irregular menstrual periods
· Thinning hair
· Slowed heart rate
· Depression
· Impaired memory

Great Smell


Generate.ashx-2Since The DH has a beard (a very short one though) he don’t use aftershave, but deo sticks from high end perfume houses: But when I read him this description

BOSS BOTTLED. UNLIMITED. is invigorating with freshness, enduring energy and aromatic masculinity. Your motivating energy boost for personal success beyond limits.

Top Note: Mint, Iced Violet Leaves, Grapefruit
Heart Note: Pineapple, Rose, Cinnamon
Base note: Cistus, Sandalwood, Musk” and I went like ??? on the iced violet leaves (I do have some violet leaf absolute, but non iced….) but he thought it sounded interesting. So I bought him a bottle of this Eau de Toilete (unsniffed) and this morning he was so happy the bottle was his and not John’c cause he thought it smelled great! And it did..does..wonder what all his work women (who are in the beauty trade) think? I think it’s quite manly and crisp, no notes stand out, not to overeating – I think it smells very manly and crisp at the same time. Good thing my man is not a splasher, cause this scent is a limited edition only :o

Homemade Club Sandwiches for dinner tonight – with curry mayo ;)



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My all time favorite threads to use for hand appliqué is YLI silks. I did shave a minor mishap when I misunderstood the description of some sets of Superior Threads (haha, how lame can you be?), but I think it don’t show on the Infinity too much… So some week ago I ordered two new sets and look, together with the ones I already had, this is my collection so far: bild-36They are like jewels and work perfectly when it comes to bury into the fabrics and work with the colors of the appliqué pieces. The only thing I haven’t figured out so far is how to store them in a working way? This tin isn’t filled up so the spools roll around and my lovely color combinations is ruined ;)

Still waiting for the Threadworx metallic floss to come = nothing get’s done:(

But I did manage to snatch the last garden shelves (pic will come) – bought the exhibition piece and managed to get into the small car all by myself.

Tomorrow is back to work :(

Such a charmed life



As you know by now, my oldest son Sam attends to upper secondary school in Norrköping where he study to become a wild animal keeper. Well you can work as any sort of animal keeper, but the main focus is wild animals. Tomorrow is the last day of his recent practice at Kolmården, this time with he has spent 3 weeks with the birds of prey :o  He has learned a lot and due to that the birds are very “one human” animals, it wasn’t obvious that he would get the chance to hold one. But he did and here is Sam with Pontus, Eurasian Eagle-Owl:samochpontusHow cool isn’t that?? We had a long talk on the phone last evening where he told me about all the different birds they have, their names etc etc. I am mighty proud of my son, that’s for sure:)

Just another spring day


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The DH can do most things technical, electrical, and is quite amazing when it comes to inventing and constructing things of his own. So when the motorcycle was done and the RV, he bought himself a new toy – a Westfield Lotus 7 that have kept him in the garage and basement for the entire winter. Today it was finished and I got invited to go oh and ah and take some pictures:

underthehood Under the hood:hoodedWith the hood on:
reacing-seatsLeather racing seatspremiere-tripJohn got to come along for the premiere ride. A LOT of people had cheered, queued up behind them or paced them on the motorway, just to hava look at the car. Plus – when The DH pushed the red button (turbo) it went like a scalded troll (old Swedish saying). So – one happy husband. At least for today. But I do wonder what the beep he’s going to do next…

Me? I didn’t do much – just a set of laundry and planted 3 trays of seeds; 8 sorts of tomatoes, 4 varieties of cucumbers and 10 hot chillies :D

You know when

this is what meet in your hallway:bild-29

These will be in the dining room bild-28Half day at school and John’s 8 classmates (male) came here again. Just love that they feel welcome and that our door is always (almost) open :D And – they are such sweet kids – so far…


Satellit, satellit ååååå

Great singer Ted Gärdestad who sadly took his own life in 1997. But his songs lives on and I just love this one. And – what better suits to accompany the Infinity when it reaches just a bit over midway? infinity2Now the “bends” that so I so far only have managed to do a very brief sketch of, the square in the middle symbolizes the 25 octagonsscetchWant to use the same Threadworks metallics,as I used in the satellite circles, but I can’t find any and their website is down “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.” That one I have never come acres when it’s a commercial website…. And please don’t tell me to go with DMC instead, I flipping hate their floss :(

Ack – time to join John and the dogs in a little afternoon snooze bild-25

Total silcence


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Sorry, but I am not entirely 100% well so I have and creativity thinking in the writing department. Have been working on Infinity though and think I have come up with a good idea for some parts of it: Swedish winter, all that pinewood make lousy pics but anyhow:

infinity spheres1

The spheres are meant to look a bit askew ;) and the smalls ones are just shy of 1cm across. Wanted to order a few yards of Asian/gold printed fabrics from eQuilter, but the shipping costs is so high that I lost the lust for shopping.

Heard of The Hairy Bikers? Two fund BIG guys riding their motorcycles across the world cooking. The show was on some years ago and I really enjoyed them. Now these guys decided that if they whereto keep on living they had to loos weight and now they have come up with two diet cook books and compared to most diet recipes theirs are very tasty. I have made two so far and the men in the family (this two who lives with me) enjoyed them very much. Can’t believe it’s low cal, said The DH ;)

Sam is doing work practice wight the birds of pray at Kolmården and get to t´do such fun stuff as butcher meat and cut up rats and checkens with scissors. He lives such a charmed life my son ;o


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