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Richness comes in various shapes; proudness of my kids, being able to afford good quality of food, some new yards of fabrics and – books. I just love them and last week my order from C&Ts latest sale arrived and this time I was happy with the most.
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And on Saturday I picked up my latest order from Amazon UK. Even though they dropped the free shipping to Sweden, they are still affordable. Now this might sound like bragging, but novels in English last a bit longer than those in Swedish, no matter how thick they are. Finished of two very good crime novels (one Swedish as mentioned before and one Norwegian) in just 4 days. Tonight I choose the Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry, might just last me a bit over 3 days ;) It is such a pleasure to be able to read a LOT, after the burned out many years ago all I could focus on was the headlines in the morning paper and it took quit a few years to get back into finishing a full novel. And it and to (and still has to) be captivating from the first pages or I lost focus and interest.

I also got the Hairy Bikers third diet cookbook (almost all their meals comes in under 500kcal), made a chicken and pasta dish and managed to not read the recipe correctly – it called for 1 tbs fresh lemon juice and I used the whole lemon :o Took a bit of tweaking with too much Smetana and raw suger to balance that. So I probably overshot those 500kcal with 200kcal maybe? Well nobody seamed to mind since the whole dish got wolfed down :)

Of to bed for some (hopefully) good read.

Fun? Not my idea


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Yesterday I mustered up my courage to do the stitches for the inner bend, stitch No 226 in the Longer Stitches library on the Horizon (Janome 7700) and the first one went very well. But the second? The machine decided to bunch up two of the mirrored arches and that was that – arches totally out if sync. So The Grim Ripper and I spent an hour or so ripping and plucking out the “endless” amount of glittery stitches (each square consists of at least 12 stitches). Not my idea of fun at all and all the time I was afraid that I would rip the fabric as well.bild 1-18Will try to be brave and do it all over today. Or I just lay on the conch reading a new crime novel by a Norwegian author – actually a very good read.

Otherwise – happiness is to own you own little TENS machine :)

So long



You know, I have been working on the Infinity project for like 1.5 yrs now and it has been up and down and frankly, I can’t still see the end of it. Even more frankly, from time to time I consider to rip it all up and start over again. If I did that, I would try to think the whole thing through and make samples for each part of it. I mean, just look at it –  inner-bends11.5 years and this is all I have done? Except for agonizing, ripping and re-stitchin, making yo-yos instead of frilly middles, thinking this way and that…The other day I sat down and marked the inner bends – you know that a flexible ruler is god given when you are making bends? And to my happy surprice (I had started to believe otherwise) the whole thing is even. Even though you might think different looking at the pic, blame it on a sagging clothes line and the wind factor ;).

Ahhh, so you marked the bends – now what? He, that is the very big ? I tried several different decorative stitches on the Horizon and a single row didn’t make me any happier and doubled up it just looked strange. Move your eyes to the right and what do you see? Loooooong stitches and the final one was one with small continues arches and if I mirrored them, what did I get? Continuos infinity symbols!!! Hmm, not even The Dh “got it” when I showed it to him ;oinfinity-stitch1And to spruce them up – the small (appr. 1 in across) and slightly embellished octagons!infinity-stich2Like with the outer bends, I have to muster up my courage for starting to sew directly on the top. Have played around with the machine and a piece of scrap cause you have to be absolutely accurate with stops and starts to make the arch parallel and I’m not entirely sure I have got it yet. But I ironed on some tear-away stabilizer on the back of the first bend so I’m ready when I’m ready. For the time being I will be occupied with exchanging some of these smaller inner dots of fabric. Wanna keep it as neat as possible :)

(outer) bend(s) over



Hahaha, sorry couldn’t help myself there :D But I do have put the last hot-fix stones on the last outer bend and my what a hassle that was. I mean , those little buggers didn’t just land with the shiny side up and had to be sifted through for color and size. So this is what Infinity look so far: outer-bendsI know, extremely bad picture but here the light is waning, a wind blowing and I have absolutely no free wall in the entire house to use for hanging it. Know what I’m going to do now? Take out the circles in the round things since after spend so much time with the bends, I came to realize that they where badly stitched. After that I have to figure out what to  use for the inner bends…and to fill the rest of the big empty places with.

Have a lovely weekend!


This better



work emb2or I’ll be up s-t creek Infinity wise. Darned hard to get the flash of the crystals, they look more like pebbles :( But they are hot-fix crystals 2-4mm and it is a hassle to get them in place….I think I’ve done 1/4 of the first bend, so this will keep me occupied for a loooong time.

Time to prep dinner – fresh shrimps, home baked baguette (made it yesterday) and a glass of white wine or two. Have a lovely weekend!



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I have been invited by Beth to join an International Blog Hop where we answer four questions: Current work, How your work differs, Why do you create and How do you write about it?

Currently and for the last +1.5yrs I have worked on a project that The DH named “Infinity”. Here is just a small part of it planetarium

Not as much as it seem to take forever to finish it, but more the overall design. The inspiration for this piece, was an ad for the most prestigious auction house here “Bukowskis”, featuring an artistic rug by a Swedish textile artists AB Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Barbro Nilsson, crested in 1944.

I think my work differs cause I try to put my own touch to it. Until Infinity I have mostly (but not always) used other people’s patterns and designs. But I try to go outside the box color wise etc and like when I did Stevie’s Garden finished-top1, added and changed the design to my own liking.

I create, therefore I am ;) I think I have done it all my life, from making cloths for paper dolls, to Goldsmith school, from paining to poetry, from garment making to botanical perfumery and on to quilting…..and everything in between. The list is long and to be creative is as necessary for me as breathing. I’m not saying I’m always good at it (except for cooking where I rock LOL), but I just can’t help myself.

I started to blog when I got into Botanical Perfumery (even had a brief stint at a nail blog as well) and when I found quilting (or it found me?) I thought it was the perfect platform where to show my creations to friends and still think it is. Top that of with writing in English keep my second language alive and my brain well exercised ;)

Here I was supposed to nominate some other bloggers, but either they didn’t have the time or simply hasn’t answered my call.

Glorious Autumn weather – +15C in the shade and sun and the big and the little is sunning on the porch bild-65

Creative stand still



So the stitches are out and I can move about unhindered indoors, use the cane outside to be on the safe path. And with a bit of pride I can say that I’m among the very very few who have managed the weeks after surgery without one single morphine pill ;)

And here I am itching to get Infinity back on track but I have been waiting like forever for the hot-fix crystals to get here from China (I will need a LOT of them) and I don’t want to start sew the decor metallic bends until they are here. What if they never arrive? Can you imagine having to rip out all these stitches?

To top that up I came to the decision that the small blue octagons (see orange markings)infinity2bdon’t work at all. They kind of go missing in the big picture…have been wringing my brain this way and that trying to figure out what to put there instead to no avail. But maybe I just go wild and crazy and keep the spaces empty and bind the outers big octagons in another way? Artistic freedom and all that LOL.

Fall is here big time, yesterday it was +3C when The DH took out the dogs and before bedtime it was almost frost. Buhu, my days on the porch swing is over for this year :( Think I need breakfast.

It’s a miracle (hear Queen)

During the last couple of days I have ditches the crutches, move around without the cane, stopped the high octane paracetamol, can walk down the stairs like a normal person and up again if I hold on to the banister. AND – I can reach halfway down my shins, now that is something that hasn’t happened in ages. Equals, I start to feel like a new me :) And tomorrow the stitches will be taken out and in a week (or something) I will be driving again.

Right now I’m pondering if it’s possible to stack yo-yos on top of each other and make a multi demential poof? Have to try.

And outside the thunder is thundering – at this time of the year?


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