Never give up, never surrender so number 9 (of what I have saved, the real figure reaches 20 or so): full9Not the most brilliant choices of colors, but never mind – the points are quite pointy, the left big one is straight, just badly pressed ;) Tomorrow I might dare to move over to the real fabrics…

Homemade (is there any other thing?) Sukiyaki for dinner.

Have a continuously lovely Saturday!



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“Random headshot” as John yelles from time to time while gaming, but that was what it felt when I received my very first issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited MQU-14-11-Nov-Cover1-e1413588819817Most stuff in there made my chin drop in total awesomeness……how do they do it? I did see many drop dead gorgeous quilts of all kinds in Houston, but some of the ones in this magazine is remarkable.  Like Sandra Leichner’s whole cloth quilt (the one the cover) that is entirely quilted on a domestic machine and it took 2 months only ;) to trim away the trapunto. My mind boggles and I simply can’t understand how that is done.

Or the incredible pieces of various techniques on pages 28-34 that looked utterly realistic (I think I like the bear the most since the thread work is amazing) that made my poor little quilter heart go flippetyflopp and bit of jealousness (like it did seeing all these ads for Long Arms) occurred. Haha, the poor Infinity will look puny in comparison ;9

I have read some of the quilting mags that is out there, but I must say this is one of the most inspiring ones and I think I just have to back order some earlier issues. If it’s possible. Apart from that piece of inspirational treat, my lastest fabric purchases have sailed through and landed in my mailbox untouched. 20141122And I made the first compass needle that I’m almost satisfied with. It’s not blocked or anything, just one of the many trial pieces. I didn’t even bother with cutting out the background triangles straight, so some came out en biased, hence the fat needle and scrunched up upper parts. Makes no never mind :)full8Well it’s typical November weather in Stockholm (grey dank and cold), can’t remember when was the last day we had sun…I no inclination what so ever to go outside if I don’t have to and the laundry can wait until tomorrow. A day for sewing – some more compass needles.

Getting better all the time (hear The Beatles)


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or “skam den som ger sig” a very Swedish saying that roughly translates into “shame on them who give up”. Damned if I quit these compass needles thingees, normal people might but I have set my mind to have them on the Infinity inside the big bends. I haven’t counted how many trials I have sewn  (read a lot) got thrown in the waste basked after just two quarters, others have made it to half a needle so I’ll bet all un all it’s a bit over 20. After taking Beth‘s advice – all from setting the stitch length to very low to starch the pieces to h-l and back, today I ended up with this half


And just check out this smaller point 8aMaybe not 100% perfect, but as close as I have been able to get. The pieces are only finger pressed, therefor not totally straight seams. If anyone might wonder, the white piece in the middle is yet one more of my little cutting mishaps. Soon, soon I will walk over to the darker side – to use the same fabric that is the background for Infinity and fabrics from Northcott’s Asian Spirit line. In-te-re-sting. Got some of that line in the mail yesterday, but is waiting for the “right” fabrics to arrive. I find that line of fabric incredible beautiful and – very useful, especially in appliqués and stuff.

We are still on the over freezing with a couple of plus centigrades  but total lack sun. I think they said that this is the most sunless November in the longest of times. Make you want to emigrate or hibernate.hibernation-300x300



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you just have to laugh at your own stupidity/clumsiness ore whatever. Wanted to try out The DH’s idea on the fabric for the compass needles (had a charm pack to use as a decision maker)images-2and used two triangles from two small pieces if what I have left of the background fabric (from Joannes in the USA, which we can’t order from here) . I am quite frugal with that fabric since if it lasts, I’m going to use it in the outer border. Thought that now I have the PP  process down to par, I can use triangles in the 1/8 of the first block. What did I do? After sewing the first half arrows in place and cut of the extra – i cut one side down to the sewing line. Not to the seam allowance line, but the whole danged seam allowance was cut of. No wonder the pieces didn’t fit together. Gahhhhh!!!

I’m going to use Artisan Spirit Shimmer (from Northcott) in the needles and went online, found a store and ordered some 1/1 yards of the ones needed  it. The I got a email ad from the store I buy a lot of fabrics from, out of curiosity did a Northcott search and of course – there was the same fabric 4-5$ cheaper….WTF, why don’t I think?? Well, I just placed an order with them for 1 yards of several other colors, just in case.

Tomorrow I will go with The DH on a roadtrip to Hallsberg, to buy a turbo imagesfor the Westie. Fun to get away from home :D






Here I am, not able to go onwards due to CC theft. Well not actually physical theft but online hijacking. How on earth they got hold of my number I have no idea (hadn’t made any purchases prior to this happen), but they sent out a 6 USD probe and luckily the card company caught it at once and – froze my card. But they didn’t have the right phone number on file, so I had no clue until I tried to pay for some fabrics. Not some fabrics, but the ones I need/want for the compass needles. Sigh. So back to reading and I have two novels going on plus – John did lend me his school copy of “The fault in our stars”, since he is ahead in the reding schedule. I’m halfway through so I’ll bet I finish it today. Now, if only John could find me an online places to watch Gone Girl I will be a happy girl:)

Suspicious mind


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I have come to the conclusion that there must be a correlation between puzzles, crosswords, suduko and paper piecing – there simply must be a part of the brain involved in these activities. And I’m no good at either. Well honestly, the first three I suck at, my brain simply refuse to co-operate – you can hear the cog wheels in there churning round and round in total vain.

Paper piecing…the cogs do their work and after like at least 15 trials of different parts of the compass needle, I ended up with this: needle5Don’t think I’m able to do them better than this and I see no point in making the second half, the technique (or lack of?) is the same. It´s only finger pressed and no, I won’t tell how many times I unstitched the smaller points no matter how much I marked and pinned the first time. Now I think I have to take a deep breath and relax my poor overheated brain before I tackle  the four ones that will go into the Infinity project. Wonder if fabric auditioning counts for relaxing work? I have in mind to make each one of the four in a different color – but which? And how on earth will I get these compass needles onto the top? Have no clue, non at all.

Dinner will be pork chops in a cream sauce of my own making and sliced fryed potatoes – yummy :)

My better half



You know trying to make a perfect compass needle is almost driving me of the wall. I don’t know which number of trial one this is, but this is as good as I have managed so far. And it isn’t especially good.needle3

Heck – I wake up in the middle of the night, trying to figure out where I go wrong in this paper piecing madness. As always I have some good ideas which vaporize when the morning comes. Ideal would be to be able to climb out of bed and try these ideas out, but then I would wake the dogs and The DH would probably have a word or so about me waking him up when I put the pedal to the metal…. Every time I think I got the process of this pattern, my brain kind of get into a slide and I end up clueless. I mean it, totally and absolute clueless – can’t even decide where the connecting seams are supposed to go… Wonder if it would be more easy to manage if I make the pattern a bit larger?? Nope, that PDF file seem locked and I couldn’t get it to print a larger version.

Then I just had a true epiphany moment – what if I don’t pluck out the paper foundation before I joined the seams? Then I will have a true “ruler” to follow instead of a wobbly edge! Said and done, made one 1/4 block and look – sharp points!!DSCN6463I do understand that if I leave the paper in all four !/4 blocks there will be some substantial built up in the end, but luckily I have a strong machine and the paper will be removed in the end. I just have to try ;)

It was 18 years ago today


and Srgt Pepper didn’t came out to play – or maybe they did? Cause just this day back in 1996 this bundle of cuteness IMG_0582was laid in my arms and I was finally a mom – gloriously happy moment :)

Today Sam is a grown young man, living his life all by himself and is doing great.

Sam – if you read this – you know I love you to bits, in Infinity <3<3<3


Needle in a haystack


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This like the 10th needle I have made, or at least parts of them. Dark blue on black isn’t exactly brilliant, but it’s a test piece for the actual sewing and alignment and nothing else. needle1
Slowly getting there, but I have still not managed to cut of the extra fabrics on the back the right way every time. Sometimes I have managed to cut of the wrong part ending up with just a sliver of fabric. And getting the points even? This is soooo hard!

The crappy November weather don’t make anything better and I swear, today the planets must be aligned to wrong way. Boring story re card key – how can something get lost inside a closed car? Black hole again? As always, it got found later.

Crappy November weather, not even Diego want to go outside.bild-71


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