To do or not to?

infinitybollywood2aI haven’t done much since there has been no possibility –  a locked hip is a locked hip….plus I wait (not very patiently) for 14 gross of hot-fix stones to arrive from China. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about Infinity… I do. So far the two bends have been made out of separate fabric for appliqué in place. But I started to think it will add unnecessary bulk to the top? And maybe, just maybe I ought to step outside my comfort zone and do the bends of metallic decorative stitches and hot-fix crystals directly on the top? What do you think?

Tomorrow morning I’m to be at the hospital at 7am…..and back home again at lunchtime on Friday. Interesting + 4 days to say the least :O

Remember this?


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The Infinity project, the one that has gone on for like 1.5 yrs? infinityDue to a lot of reasons not much has happened on it since March this year. Well stuff has happened, like finding a way to connect the larger octagons with the smaller outer ones….Every time I thought I had come up with something, it just didn’t work. Umpteen of small pieces sewn with metallic thread are collecting dust….

Yesterday I tried out my latest idea and today I said f-k you to the hip and sat way to long, ironing on small (2mm) Chinese Hot-Fix crystals (dirt cheep) and in the end I got this:bollywood2bbollywood2aThe crystals aren’t the best of quality, but they are not pebble like as they comes out in the pics, but a bit crystal like. Of course you can’t compare them to the stuff I have got from the USA (that are hot fix rhinestones), but if I am going to bind all these pieces together, they will have to make do.

So what do you think – do it work or not?

Old stuff


Well in lack of new finished projects, I just have to show you these patchesI made them in my teens, round 15-16 I think with an old sheet as background fabric, transfered a bookmark and a pic from an add , grandmas old hoop and ordinary sewing thread (Mölnlycke). Had them on jeans and a bag if memory serves me right. I was pretty nifty even then ;)

Acts of love


Yesterday The DH was tinkering out in the garage/workshop and all of a sudden he comes in, asking John to help carrying something. And this is what they brought: bild-59

So he had sneaked out and bought it (Swedish buy and sell market place Blocket) and I didn’t even know he was gone. Now that is an act of love if there ever is one – get your wife a spinning cycle <3 He even rummaged around the water bottles to find one that fitted.

It might look like some sort of torture machine, but I actually look forward to be able to use it – imagine that ;)




to write about, hence no new posts :(

Except – I finally found Appli-Kay Wonder (awesome stuff) from Floriani (replaceable fusing type of thing) at where the shipping was dirt cheap – 5.20USD. How that is possible I have no idea, but it is shipped. Might take forever to get here? Hopefully it will arrive before I go into the hospital, cause I want to have a small piece of work to take along.

To hot to handle


I know, living in Sweden where it’s cold and dark more than warm and light, it’s like swearing in the church to complain about the hot temps. So I might be guilty of sin, but when the temps is above +25C and climbing it’s too much for me. Not to talk about the temps indoors and specifically the top floor….makes me normally bad sleeping patterns even worse and The DH has occupied the colder room in the basmenet. As punishment he got to share it with the dogs, at times all three of them ;) Last night in bed laying I could feel cooler breezes, but now the thermometer is climbing again.

We do have a AC but half of it need to be placed on a shelf outside a window and that means that I have to remove everything from one of my desks and the desk….only to have it be done in reverse when the fall approaches and that is cause it has to be taken indoors for the winter so we can close the window where the “trunk” passes through. And lordy me, at this time it is way much too much work for it to be worth it. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place – work hard be cool or don’t and sweat.

Went to work yesterday to log my sick leave of absences and copy papers and it was nice to meet some good friends and spend some quality grown up woman time. Not much of that around here – all I have to talk to is 3 dogs (only Fiona talks back) a grumpy teenager and The DH at dinner time, blaha.

Weekend will bring a outing to the archipelago DBIL celebrates his 60th birthday and hopefully The DH will drive down south and help oldest son out with some things.

The heat is on!!

It’s not easy being green


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EDITED: And what do you know – thunder, rain and a bit drop in the temps ;)

At least not this year here in Sweden where summer didn’t appear until a bit into July. My poor seedlings suffered inside for too long and I thought the grape vine was dead, but with new soil, fertilizer and bigger pots they all was brought back to life and look how they look today.DSC_1585From left: some gigantic chili plants. I put several together in a large growing bucket and they are thriving. Now I know that they do not fare well in orderary pots…Then tomato plants and the two surviving cucumber ones. In the background a bougainvillea that loves it’s new pals.

DSC_1586The cucumbers, some chilies in smaller pots, a gorgeous bird cage that I lined with moss and planted small climbers and some fuchsias in. Two buckets with tomatoes and the grape vine that I think have 4-5 bunches of grapes on it. And it has like the cuces, started to reach for the stars :)

DSC_1587On top a wisteria and a brugmansia that should have gone outside some weeks ago, but with thumps round +30C, gardening work is the last thing on my mind. One more chili and two fuchsias planted in a tin watering can. On the floor a pot with callas, they are grey for cutting and put in a vase.

After the morning watering round I glanced at the thermometer and suddenly understood why it was so hot in there – + 41,5C!!! I have now put the fan on….

In this heat there is only one thing to do and guess if I’m grateful for it) – dippedidip into the pool and this (bad pic taken with cell) is our own hot day haven :) Here on the top floor it is warmer that one can stand – so of for a swim.


Fancy stuff


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As you know by know, I do love gadgets. Either they are for cooking or sewing, the right “thing” makes life easier och more fun. So when I saw this,I just had to had it: bild 1-17Fancy – huh? But what is it? The DH had many guesses but not right ;) It’s a seam ripper from Gingher!!!bild 2-15Confess that I have no idea on how to use it, so far only have had the standard ordinary rippers, so I have to sew some test seams and rip them apart. Bet you use a different technique…

At 7.45am it was +21C and authorities have warned for very high temps the next days. In Sweden? We should have gotten them palm trees when we built the pool. Need to remember to give the furry ones fresh water all the time and get their feet wet. Diego loves to bath in the pool, best is to be held close and just moose around:) Poor Dh who still can’t take some vacation time.


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