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You won’t flipping believe it, but when I finally mustered up the courage and will power to start stitching down the stars, the monofilament thread refused to cooperate when threading. After gazillion of tries I finally understood that the threader had broken (have happened once before) and trust me, to try to thread that monofilament by hand is absolutely impossible. Took out the Janome 6600 (yes I still have it) to compare the threaders, I couldn’t find the 7700 one….How on earth is that possible? I do not have that large sewing area and – it wasn’t in the waste basked, I emptied it.

So now I have to find some dealer (preferably in Europe) and order a new one. Or two. found it at GUR in GB, ordered two to be on the safe side. Now the stars have to wait, hopefully until next week.

Soon roadtrip to the archipelago for family get together.