imagesI must say that my American GFs are the best there is. Last week came a package from Beth with three (3) different fusible and one tear away to try out, a new magazine (Quilting Arts) that was so inspiring and put some new ideas in my head. Also (much needed) more of the Infinity background fabric and – som lovely ornamental silver on white. Ahh, I might use that for the snowdrops…Snowdrops? Well, yes, that idea I got.
Untitled-2And yesterday the doorbell rang while I was making dinner and outside was the UPS guy with a package from Trish told me. I decided to save opening it until today and lory me, that was full of loving, caring goodies, this is just a few of them:

trishA true Wolfie mug rug (how very innovative and artistic), a portable OTT Light, a hand knitted soft and lovely scarf, ideal for the Swedish winter. And what I think is a key “chain” since it is bit too small to be a collar for Diego 😉 which is exactly what I need to find my keys in the black handbag.

Tonight our best friends will come over for cooking and celebrating NY, they will make th first course and appetizers while I do the main dish and dessert. Wonderful!

Hope everyone will have  fun and safe New Year, see you in 2015!