I kind of went of the air (except for a tidbit here and there on FB, must be and age thing). Haven’t done much except with toying with some creative ideas, having phone conversations (and I do mean – con-ver-cations) with the oldest and knitting a scarf for the young one. You know how it is, you have an image in your inner creative self and when you try to put it to paper, it is kind of lame. Or worse, just slightly better than The DH’s stick men (he can’t draw for the life of him) and utterly letargia = not very much have been done. Well, I made these IMG_3757fussy cuts, perfect circles, tiny yo-yos, will somehow fit into a tree. Not entirely sure what goes on in my mind all the time ;-O

Last night before going to bed I made one more attempt on the tree and ended up with thisIMG_3784Need a bit more work, especially on the proportions of the trunk, but I think it is one step forward, at least a small one.

Still nursing the second bad respiratory infection in less than 2 months and now son is home sick too. It’s raining and I hope the dogs will remain calm cause I don’t want to go outside. But this fluffy furry thing probably will = gaaaahhhhh.IMG_3782