IMG_3690When I was 18, one Christmas my dad gave us each a large bottle of Chanel No5 and I loved it to the last drop. The scent was somewhat like a security blanket but after it was finished I never bought a new one which I should have. I should have bought many of them and stashed them away, cause the bottles they sell nowadays is nothing, I mean absolutely nothing like the vintage one. After dreaming of it I did a Google and found a girl selling vintage perfumes and ordered a small bottle = love revisited. I also bought a small bottle of Estee Lauders Cinnabar and swooned one more times.

Well, I use it sparingly and when The DH texted me yesterday from Kastrup (Copenhagen airport) asking if I wanted any perfume from the taxfree, I thought WTH and asked him to buy me a bottle of the modern No5, knowing very well that they had tampered with the formula I was used to. I got the Eau de Perfume and Ha! Tampering is only the beginning, but I’ll bet they call it reformulating. I can’t find the citrusy top note, it’s more like a bit soap, the original Lux soap from the 60th. It’s not bad, not at all, but to call it Chanel No5 I think is a bit of sacrilege. It would have been more honest if they would have called it a new name instead of impersonate the real one.

Wonder what I will ask for the next Friday? Checking out the Kastrup Taxfree online site, there is just modern day scents – buhu. The son though will get some new clothes though. Good for him.