Honestly, I think Arwen is channeling FionaIMG_3678She who shunned obedience training while Fiona was a champ, all of a sudden showed she can do a few tricks. When it’s winter outside (this morning -11,1C) I decided to try to teach Diego  the lay down commando while Arwen was snoring away. But of course her hearing is still (ehe turns 11 in May) very good so when I opened the box of treats she came running. So we did a parallel session while John held A and I did a few moves (heel, sit, lay) with Diego and then changed places and Arwen did it all and stay too. Kind of interesting and after a few rounds and some “find the candy” they where more than exhausted, Diego so much that he hardly moved for the rest of the day. It is true that working with the brain instead of the body uses up more energy, at least for dogs LOL.