The holidays are almost over (just 13 day after Christmas = trettondagen) remains and on Thursday it will be back to normal with school and work. We have overcome the worst of grief after Fiona and honestly there is so much more peace in our house. Poor baby, she wasn’t herself for a long time.

Creative wise most of my efforts have gone into making dinner for all every day and some minor hand stitching project just to have something to do cause I still haven’t managed to wrap my min around my new project. images-6I got the idea and a bad sketch, I got a nice collection of fabrics and some fusible but I simply can’t find the drive to start. Yes, I know, that is them danged curtains that is in the way but I need a clear dining room table to be able for measuring and pinning and so far I have put it of cause there are Christmasy stuff on it. Hmm, I might finish Christmas early? I really truly want these things out of mi house for good.

Think tree, leaves, grass and flowers…although I haven’t decided on the size of the project yet, but I can dream on.