DSCN1710There is a bit of the family puzzle missing. Two weeks have gone and it’s still kind of quiet around here – Diego and Arwen are still low and every now and then Arwen come and sit near me and quietly cry. My poor baby girl – all 10 years of her.IMG_3611 Some might consider it strange, but we don’t mention Fionas name around Arwen in case she start looking for her again. When I leave the house and return home, she has this confused look on her face like she expected me to bring Fiona back home. And how I wish I could. I look at the last pictures of her in my cell every now and then and shed a few tears. I know in my heart that we did the right thing to let her go, but oh how I miss her.

So to take my mind of things, but still not up to much creative work (due some respiratory infections) I decided to clean up my workspace which looked like a small dump with stuff left out from Infinity project and dozens upon dozens of unsorted FQs. I am at heart a true Virgo and love to have stuff in order, but even me have faults ;o So look how nice the work space look now. I wish for a much larger space with proper cabinets and such, but on the other hand I am grateful for what I have.DSC061801 of December and no snow = yay!!