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On Wednesday I got to pick up my latest splurafabrics from eQuilter at the local DHL service point only 4 days after I placed the order. Nor The Dh or I have never ever experienced such a speedy delivery from the USA. Heck, even within the Swedish borders it isn’t that fast most of the times. But that is because the Postnord sucks! Oh I will not get into that, but can say that it was “bättre förr”.  The great thing about it all, was that customs hadn’t got to it, so no extra taxes and fees this time. Maybe they have their hands full with the current refugee big time inflow?  OK then, what did I get? This:equilterSome are so beautiful it hurts and one is a bit funny (Star Wars funny) that will be sewn into a new pillow for my oldest big SW fan son. All the others (except one) will be used in a new appliqué project, if I ever will be able to wrap my head around it and draw a working sketch. Well, I do suck at drawing but maybe not as bad as The DH who at the best can draw a stick man LOL.

Grey and moist and November blaha, I do hate this time of the year and I hate the daylight saving stuff…But it’s Friday and a lazy weekend is in front of us, tonight our version of tapas and some fine wine. 😀