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I haven’t posted a while and that is because 1) My Safari don’t work very well (ll my bookmarks are  there 2)not friendly with Firefox 3) my creativity is on a sub zero level.  Haven’t done a thing except for a laughingly simple runner for the coffee table. The only reason for that is that I was more than tired of the old one.

In lack of creativity I read. A lot! Real books made out of paper, not digital. And since the local library (which is quite big) has such a lousy selection of books in English, every now and then I spend some SEK at Amazon UK, purchasing 8-10 novels at a time. I confess, I’m not into more hight end literature (although I read both Solzhenitsyn and Grass in my youth) and tend to stick to fiction. Imagine my great surplice when I read the back cover on this book bild(9)a biography written by a former nun ;o And it was goo, no it was great and I could hardly put it down. It’s about a girl who want to be a nun in Mother Theresias order and w hat she went through to get there….OK, I am not at all a religious person and Christianity is beyond what I believe in, but this book is fascinating and more that one I just had to shake my head in almost wonderment because of the rules and regulations and the way MT made a career out of her nun-hood. I’m not saying she didn’t do good for the poor, cause she and her order was/is, but …..well… Read it and form your own opinion.

It is truly fall here, the sun is shining but t’s a bit nippy, the birches are pure hello, the maples and decorative vines all kind of shades of red and I know I ought to get out in the greenhouse and cut down the grapevines but I still don’t really get how to do it properly.

So I think I make myself another cup of tea, jus picked up my newest order from Wittard in England – the sure has some great teas like “Extravagant Earl Grey” and English Rose.

Suggestion for a new creative endeavor will be highly appreciated 😉 EDITED; no longer needed, I’m making scallops 🙂