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After trying a few recipes for pickling cucumbers and jalapeños, I have tried to come up with my own brine. The first I made was not salty and sweet enough, but the second one turned out almost just right and this morning I tweaked it and pickled one jar of Pot Black chilies and one jar of mixed chilies and this brine is kind of yummy.chilli

This is my brine, enough for two small jars (as in the pic):

300ml water

50ml applecider vinegar

50ml white vine vinegar

4 tbs caster sugar

3-4 tsp sea salt

1tsp cumin seeds

1tsp coriander seeds

1tbs black pepper corns

A few allspice corns

A few pink pepper corns

1tsp mustard seeds

2 kaffir lime leaves

4 whole peeled cloves of garlic

Divide the seeds and corns in two jars, then put in the chilies . Divide the corns and seeds as you like. Put the water and vinegars in a pot with the sugar, salt and the garlic, simmer on medium heat until the sugar and salt is dissolve. Turn of the heat, take up the garlic and put tow cloves in each jars and pour the brine until it covers the chilies (or whatever you want to pickle). Let the jars with the lids of until they have cooled down completely, Screw the lids on rather tightly and put them in the fridge. IMHO it takes around 3 weeks until the chili/cucumbers/whatever is ready to taste. How long they will last in the fridge? I have no idea, but since it’s cool I hope they will last for a long time 🙂 We even had some of the pickled cucumbers with our home made burgers last night. Nice!

Here the fall is upon us, but thanks to glorious sunshine me and the dogs have been able to lay out on the veranda for a couple of hours each afternoon. Normally fall is not my fav season, but thanks to this I can almost persuade my SAD brain that the horror of dark and dankness is still far ahead. The birches are shedding their leaves and the maples as well as ornamental vines are turning into blazing colors. Hope the weather will keep over the weekend so the last of the chilies in the greenhouse grown to a pickable size.