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Last night me and my best friend at work B, went to town for a “Salon” with designer extra-ordinaire Camilla Thulin and the director of fashion at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Karina Ericsson Wärn. We got a guided tour at the exhibition of Camilla’s work over the years and my oh myyyyy, it was fantastic, mind boggling and so flippin good. Camilla Thulins kostymer från "Amadeus", Stockholms stadsteater 2004, ingår i utställningen på Kulturhuset.Picture from dn.se

There was many best things (like to hear Camilla talk about her history and work) but for me the top one to be able to study the costumes and dresses, to be able to pick up a hem, turn up a sleeve and practically ogle the embroideries at a like 2cm squinting distance. I’m in total awe of that guy at Camilla’s’ studio who does all the embroideries. Thousands of questions went through my mind and I did manage to give voice to a few. I didn’t even tried to take any pictures, no one else did and I thought it wasn’t allowed.

We did got to see the theaters costume storage. Did you know that they don’t only make one costume for a main character (maybe two), but a copy for the understudy as well? Everything in the storage was sorted like mens white shirts, women raincoats, angel wings, black boots etc etc. And – there was even some shelves with fabric bolts ranging from nice cotton gingham to the most gorgeous embellished lace. I think I would give a LOT to get inside Camilla’s’ studio and just sit there to see how they make all these costumes …. Jokingly asked if she needed an assistant 😉

After the costume storage it was time for a three course dinner and me and B was lucky to sit next to an amazing lady who had been working at the Armory (Livrustkammaren) all her life and traveled all over the world creating exebitions. She was so fun to listen to and a dog lover too.

After all that wonderfulness we was lucky that B’s man picked us up and drove me all the way home. Sat up late talking to The DH, sipping a small glass of wine, recapping the evening . Due to all that sensory overload (count in going on public transportation into the city at rush hour) I had the hardest time falling asleep and felt like a walking dead this morning. But I’m lucky oh so lucky that I took this opportunity and that B wanted to come with me. And we plan to see the exhibition one more time and then bring our friend L with us. Stylish powerful woman rocks!!