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You know that I have been “in to” perfumes most of my life. Sad thing that I didn’t have the sense to save all the bottles I have owned over the years. If I had, I would have been able to find my all-time summer cologne love from the late 80th. As it is, none of the perfumistas I have talked to over the years have any idea of what I’m talking about. It was a green, grassy and very fresh almost dry scent and it came in a straight cylindrical clear glass bottle with a straight silver cap with black grass blades print (on the cap, not the bottle). Thought it was a Gres scent but nope.

Move forward to today; lucky for us who love perfumes there is a place called The Perfumed Court where you can order samples of perfumes etc to your little fragrant hearts content. I amuse myself every now and then and browse through description of scents and what notes they are composed with and then I order some samples of those who speaks loudest. And at times I order samples of fumes that I have read about. Most of the time nothing agrees with me and I give the samples away to friends. Last week I got four small vials in the mail and I think I will give up all but one, namely 1ml of “Eau de Celeri”
from a house called Monsillage in Canada. First – the name is a bit off putting, I mean Eau de WHAT?? But open the stopper and put your nose to it and inhale! My poor little heart went pittetypat – green, fresh, dry and it kept that way through the dry down and after. It is as close to that perfumed grail I can ever find and I have used up half of that little sample. Needless to say it only took me only a day or two to decide to purchase a full bottle and the other day it arrived with our friendly mailman.

celeri_grande(Picture from Monsillages website). Oh my, I’m in fragrant heaven and it’s made up of galbanum, coriander, cut grass and vetiver to mention a few notes. It’s classified as a green chyper and for an Eau de Toilette it has great sillage and the staying power is unusual, I can smell it on my wrist after +6 hrs still.

I can imagine that for many this kind of scent is a spring summery one, but I will use it into the fall and maybe beyond.