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As I said before, I have done nothing much creative worth in ages. A few ideas here and there, even bought these silk laps but have done nothing except fondling them.

Then a couple of weeks ago I came up with the perfect project that isn’t too big – new covers for the couches in the RV. The ones I made a couple of years ago is honestly, butt ugly.

The color scheme as it is in the RV, isn’t the prettiest one – brown and some strange kind of beige upholstery. What will get along with that? Some different of smokey pastels and dark blue? Went online and ordered these from ToB:tob-150815

Not the best pics colorless, but natural light at my desk upstairs isn’t that good. So now I have an adea, fabrics so what to do with them that does’ shout homespun allover? But of course Kaffe Fasset’s Double Diamond pattern from the book “Quilt Grandeur”. These covers are small enough so it won’t take forever, but the diamonds a bit tricky enough not to finish it over a weekend 😉

Tomorrow is the new turning point in our family life, when John starts gymnasiet (upper secondary school) at Rubeck school here in our municipality. In three years of time he will be graduating and be on his way into the life of a grown up. How did this happen? Where did the time go? I’t just 16 years (in a few weeks) since that little chubby bundle was placed in my arms. OK, confession time, I like them best now when you can have a conversation (and an argument) like more or less grown ups, baby years wasn’t that much fun ;o

Two more weeks of vacation to go and the sun is still shining = yayyyyy!!!