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45Picture from The Thread Studios website.

Yesterdays mail consisted of a bill and the latest issue of Machine Quilting Limited. I swear, that magazine always raise my spirits, even though I am so far from a machine quilter you can come. There was an article that really made my creative juices flow ” Algeria Color for the soul” by Michelle Mischkulnig. Never heard of silk laps before, but I went to the site suggested The Thread Studio as a source. Oh my, the pictures Are gorgeous and my brain went bing-bing and thought that maybe they can be used in my new project, get a sort of 3D effect? And the colors in the pictures are so – yummy, so I ordered two pieces and truly look forward to their arrival. If they ever do, cause so far 3 packages from around the world has gone missing in the postal service the last month, they don’t even show up on the postal services tracking function… For me it’s beyond questionable how a small envelope from Paris, France still hasn’t shown after a week

Meanwhile I’m re-constructing Sams new Cosplay costume and boy am I happy that I saved my old mannequin from the 80th, makes the shortening of the cape so much more easy. But it’s far from easy to work in black polyester fabric with a lime green polyester lining.

Ha, I made it! After sever trials I hand busted both the outer fabric and the liner, hung it on the mannequin and pinned it together. All +2m of it and then hand stitched it all holding my breath that there would be no unevenness or “bumps”. Happy to say that the cape is as good as new, only shorter. Well done me!!