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both here and IRL creative area. After the Infinity top was all done, I can’t say I have accomplished very much. I have tried my hands in DWR (double weeding ring) the last couple of weeks, but I feel like none of my attempts have worked out the way I had imagined it. This is what’s up on my design wall: bild-23

I had to laugh a bit when I viewed the top right in a picture (it wasn’t as obvious IRL) where the two black bends made it all look askew….

And yesterday it hit me, I am not a DWR or any other traditional quilting person, but a true hand appliqué one and after Infinity (and the additional me stuff on Stevie’s Garden) I have a hard time imagine to do someone else’s patterns. So that leaves me with creating my own, but my head is totally empty of ideas. And I don’t think any will come to me in the near future since now starts the “Student” (upper secondary school) graduation season.  We have two receptions for good friends kids tomorrow evening, John has his “prom on Tuesday, graduates from Primary School on Wednesday, the two girl cousins takes “Studenten” next Thursday with a reception in the evening and Sam take “Studenten” next Friday in Norrköping…..phueee is all I can say to this. And next Saturday you will see me doing absolutely nothing.