If you lay on the porch swing in the afternoon (if it’s sunny and warm enough) there is a swish and inbound swish and a swish again and you wonder how they do it. Manage to fly over the awning and not come in under. Who?

IMG_3313This bird and possibly her mate flying out and in, fixing food IMG_3315If you zoom in you see her yesterday I even caught her sitting on the edge of the nest. It must be the very best nesting place – on top of the drainpipe opening and under a bit of roof, secluded and safe. We had one gal there some yeas ago that we named Berta, but we suspect she thought we (dogs and all) disturbed her too much and left. This one (Berta2) stoically persists, we haven’t heard any chipper yet, but since they fly back and forth, the babies might be there anyhow. Interesting it is.