totally. OK, so I’m not an embroidery person. I know how, every stitch almost, but never had the patiens. I have had two project in a cubed for almost 18 years I think, never being inspired to finish them. But in order to have something to occupy myself with, like when chilling out in the greenhouse I ordered a set from a Spanish on-line shop I ordered from before. Today it arrived.  DSC_1709OMG, here I was thinking I had ordered something like embroideries take on paint by numbers, that I can handle, but instead came a blank piece of hand dyed fine linnen and some (admittedly) gorgeous silk floss.DSC_1710And this DSC_1711Holy crap, there is a description and this drawing to go by – I will need much stronger glasses to be able to count these linnen threads, that’s for sure.

Feel free to laugh your butts of, but Im pretty sure that the Otlite LED portable lamp I got from Trish will come very handy. If only I can find a way to direct the light to the linnen….maybee clip it to the neck of a sweater? This is going to be very interesting…

Meanwhile I cast my creative thoughts round these fun pieces. It’s like being a kid allover again 🙂DSC_1712