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I do have been extremely silent, but my creative sense of being had gone MIA. But the other day I was starting to feel fed up with reading only and said to myself: do something fun, something that everyone and their mother seem to be doing these days. Very inspired by Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s takes on Double Wedding Ring quilts (that woman is simply amazing!!!) but (sadly) I don’t own a Sizzix cutter( poor me), so I have to make do with a very sturdy set of acrylic templates DSC_1704
. Got them some years ago when I made may first and only DWR for my darling MIL. Works just fine except that I truly would need these kind of things that can rotate, so I don’t have to pick up and rotate the fabric…

Well anyhow, throw caution in the wind and did my now version of “15 minutes of play” (also Victoria FWs idea) and went ahead. Result: DSC_1705And of course, the picture don’t look like the reality ring and honestly, I think I can do a bit more playful choices of colors the next round. At least the red greenhouse is filled with ….green bild 1 bild 2 bild 3It’s so full I can hardly move in there due to typical cold Swedish nights when the dahlias, brugmansias etc would freeze to death if I brought them outside. Planned to wash the windows on the inside, but it’s cold and raining heavily so I stan inside, trying to find some more exiting fabrics in my stash and work on my color placement skills.

Hope the weather is better wherever you are.