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Finished the re-making of the “planetary” circles on the Infinity and now??? Thanks to Beth advice I have ordered a cross stitch embroidery kit. WTF quite a few might say including my former work friends at Huddinge Hospital 😉 That order is probably two weeks away from arriving and I feel kind of restless. Pottering around the windowsills filled with plants, re-pooted seedling and seed trays exchanged with visits in the greenhouse. Re.planting, planting, making plastic cups ready for sweet pea seeds and just enjoying myself. In my mind I plan some so called miniature gardens, like tiny dollhouses/show cases with a gardening theme. Saw that Amazon sells stuff for these kind of arrangements so I need to find some novels (or a whole bunch of them) since I’m out of captivating stuff and try not to go over board with tiny thing purchases.

Sam is in South Africa at African Dream Horse Safari since last Sunday and even though we don’t talk, at least I get occasional PMs on Face Book and – he figures in the background of the horsey girls pictures. And he does rides and does his very best even though he is not the most experienced of them. Tomorrow they are having an outing to the Kruger park… I am NOT envious at all, at all….

Me, I’m going to IKEA tomorrow. have a lovely weekend