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First of all images

We start of the 4 day Holiday here with Long Friday. When I was a kid my parents (and probably all others as well) had the notion that this was a day when you had to be bored – no fun stuff at all .o

So when all usual day to day things are done, and I replanted both cucumbers and the fuchsia cuttings, I want to sew. But since I can’t com up with anything I feel like making and the actual quilting is a far away in the future, I decided to re-do some of the parts on the Infinity. Like the planet type circles where the metallic bases are uneven and I only sewed down three strands of floss.old-planetTook out the circles and threads and came up with the brilliant (?) idea of crocheting  a long line with two strands and stitch it back on:planets-newYou all see the difference – right?

Have a lovely weekend all!