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After some years of gardening hiatus I’m back and can’t understand what stopped me since it is so rewarding. Just look at one of the dahlias

bild 2-8

They have both grown like 1.5in and the real leaves shows.bild 1-9And the gladiolus have sprouted as well as the cucumbers bild 3-3I realize that I might have been a bit too early with these, I will probably end up with having them climbing allover indoors. Especially since the lovely spring days now are over and the C are close to zero and some sort of snowy rain is falling outside 😦

At work they think I have gone over board but hey I only planted seeds for: two varieties of basil, sage, physalis, three sorts of cucumbers, 6 tomatoes, seven hot chilies, three sweet peppers and one melon as well as one black calla and pot with like 10 ranunculus rhizomes (not sure what these little things really are called). I have some flowery seeds left, but I think I will hold out a bit longer.

Oldest son is taking riding lessons on his free time (which isn’t much since he start at 7.30 and finish round 5 at work practice at Kolmården) that he need for his trip to South Africa in 3 weeks. Youngest son is having a day out with school – Romme 3 hours north they are skiing downhill. First time for him ever and I admit we are a very strange family Swedish wise, since we don’t to go fjällen every year as “everyone” else is. Just hate snow and cold and prefer to save my vacation time for the warmer months.

Tomorrow there will be a much needed appointmentnwith my fantastic hairdresser – yay.