They say that eucalyptus is one though m-f to propagate from cuttings, but since I can’t find a plant I bought a sprig at the florist. Tearing several pieces away, dipping them in rooting hormone and then into small pots filled with perlite and then they went into the small indoor “greenhouse” where the fuchsia cuttings live. They say that you ought to put a plastic bag around each pot, but I hope that the house will be enough.bild 4Also got some trinkets for the big greenhouse, love for the house to be decorated with small things, not only plants bild 3-2In my chase for a new box of the rooting hormone (so far found non) at Blomsterlandet at least i got a cosy blanket bild 5Later in the afternoon I took John to the Stinsen mal and spent XX SEk on two pair of jeans, two shirts and a belt, but it was so worth it cause he look so good in his new stuff 😀