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Read in the morning paper last week that it is scientifically proven that gardening makes you happier, most so if you get your hands in the soil. I know gardening is used as therapy for burned out and depressed people – the real deal, not Oh I feel a bit down today ;). So yesterday I cleaned out the rest of the last years debris in the greenhouse, pretty pleased and now I only have to wash all these windows which won’t happen until the risk for nightly frost is over. greenhouse141515aManaged to unwed a bit over half of the sleet patio in the back, but no picture – too boring.

The dahlias I bought last week have sprouted 😀 dahlia150314The grape vine in the greenhouse have survived this winter too, I didn’t cut it down in November cause I wanted to see how it will act uncut. bild 2-6

Brought in a bag of seed compost to the house to defrost and The DH has changed to summer tires on the car. In late afternoon I took my chair and put it under the fan set on heat and viewed my queendom (very seldom anyone disturbs me when I’m out in the greenhouse) with great pleasure and felt my soul do some happy dance.

Today I bought two trays of pansy that will stay in the greenhouse and the seed composed is warm enough for sowing. Yay!