Me and John was doing some cider shopping for the dinner tonight at the local Systembolaget (the only place you can buy alcoholic stuff higher than 3.5%)  – John put the bottles on the belt (here my English kind of eludes me) and I waited for paying. The girl went “do you have an ID?” (you have to be 20yr old) and at first I got kind of flattered until I realized that she asked John. I looked at her in confusion. !”why would he have an ID, it’s me doing the shopping?) well, yes but…”For Pete’s sake he is my SON!! The girl had the decency to look a bit shamefaced since it probably didn’t enter her brain that even though we don’t look alike at all, we could still be family. What we can’t understand is why did she think I was standing there with my CC hold high? John said – it was like Shipol allover, but at least she was nice.