Nothing much has happened in the Infinity area, sort of creative slump and waiting for new fabrics to maybe making the juices flow? Throw a bad cold into that and you get zilch sewing. I do have some ideas, but so far they haven’t worked out. The only good thing was yesterdays mail that brought some of the new Northcott Artisan Spirit collection named Sandscapes. And look – aren’t they just drop dead gorgeous? sandscape1 sandscape2I ordered four more from another place and hopefully they will arrive at the beginning of the week. I think I want to use them in the outer border and have been playing with making my own triangle template (printed in Photoshop and glued to mylar template plastic) but I’m not sure they get 100% accurate that way… And the acrylic triangular rulers I got (only 3) aren’t the right angle…This need some more work and testing. Meanwhile I will try to wrap my head around making some 1/ compass needles, to see if they might work in the corners of the top. But right now I need to blow my nose and get a cup of honey/lemon water.

Happy Valentines Day – if you are celebrating it.