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Look what I found when I emptied a wardrobe in what will become John’s guy-cave: flossIt’s not any ol’ floss, but from Clara Waever. So what is the big deal, you might ask. Well, back in the late 70th and early 80th I worked in an operation ward at Huddinge Hospital and quite a few of my fellow girls was so into embroidery. Especially big cross stitching ones from – yeah right – Clara Waever (a Danish designer). Admittedly they where beautiful and even though I can do most textile/fiber crafts, embroidery was never my thing. But after being “bullied” I relented and did a small (like 25X25xm) one with one single pink rose on it. I do believe that my mom still has it ;o

What the flosses above was ment for I have no clue, couldn’t find the pattern or any piece of fabric. And that’s a good thing, cause I’m still not into embroidery LOL. But I have wound them upon small plastic floss cards and they now reside with my Cosmos floss. Who knows, one of these days they might come in handy?