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Back from the vets with Fiona. She has bumps and growth here and there on her body and we know that some are udder tumors and others are fatty. But she has one behind her left ear that has grown BIG (short of an inch in diameter) and since some weeks – on top of that another growth. So we decided to have a vet look at it and give an opinion on what to do. We where all alone in the waiting room  and after some minutes Fiona decided to try to climb my lap and to get upon a chair of her own. Now as you know Fiona isn’t a small dog (but weight way to little for being a Rhodesian Ridgeback) so for her to sit on my lap is kind of hilarious as is trying to squeeze herself into a chair. Surely wished I had had the pretense to take a pic. I assume that it had clicked for here where we where and wanted some comfort in that evil place. We have been going to the same vets for like 12 years so she is known, but that the vet who took out the first udder tumors should recognize her in the waiting room and great her  by name was unexpected. I mean – how many pets do that guy treat every day? And it is always a pleasure to get compliments on what a good and whell kept dog she is.

Well, we got a nice female vet this time (new to us) and happily it turned out that it is cyst filled with liquid and fat cells, so the vet managed to empty a 1/3 of it with a syringe. More wasn’t doable, the fatty cells clogged up the needles. We decided that nothing else should be done, if she don’t get worse or grow and infection in the puncture marks. After some claw clipping she got a lot of treats and was happy to come home. In one piece 😉

Here is the strange thing – the last 7-8 purchases I have made outside the EU, the Swedish Customs have left the parcels alone. Maybe they finally realized that even though EU have these protectionist import laws, there are other stuff they can use their time and money to catch. HA, until to day. They must have had so little to do over the weekend that they just had to grab my package from ToB and slap me with a 178SEK fine. I never understood this procedure, but even though you have paid postage from the seller to your door, if the customs take the package, you have to pay for shipping within Sweden too. And that sum is what the fine mostly consist of.

Well I went and paid the ransom and I said it before, even with this extra cost, the fabrics are still cheeper than here in Sweden. So here is my latest haul: tyg-1216A pack of Christmas FQ that was on sale and quite nice. The dotty fabric was a find since there is a gold ring round each dot. And the shell ones I couldn’t resist since it so reminded me of Fort Mayers – I can hear the surf and the palm leafs rattle in the wind ….ack. Even though I can’t fathom what to use it for….oh maybe I ought to get more and make new curtains for the RV??

Well, of to make new stars.