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Even though I absolutely totally would like the season to change, today to start with – windy, rainy and so dark that you can’t believe it’s soon 1pm. But it’s not the season I changed, but the scissors I use to cut out the stars with.  The Fiskars onebild 1-3has been my favorite for all day sewing and cutting out appliqué. But – cutting into the V of the stars it has this tendency not to cut all the way to the inner angle and some fraying occur. it me a while to understand that it was the scissors fault, not mine 😉 Luckily I bought Karen Key Buckley smallest one

bild 2-2last year and whatdayaknow – even though it is quite small it cuts like a charm, specially in the tight V. All the way in.

Braved the weather and took little Diego out for our daily walk, don’t think any of us enjoyed it very much though, but with Diego being a male, it took round 30 min anyhow. And The DH is still down 😮