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Can anyone explain to me why men (at least some of them) act like they are dying when all that ails them are a mild case of tummy flu, a cold or something common like that? Gahhh, what is a hip replacement when compared? Bitchy bitchy me!

Still in the process of finding the ultimate way to sew the stars to the background and so far (I am so happy to have great, knowledgeable and talented friends) the monofilament thread works like a charm as do the (to me) new way of getting the interfacing in place and paper out. Also found a way (Yahoo group for Janome 7700/8800) on how to have invincible stitches. But (there is always a but, isn’t it), when sewing the stars they tend to fray a tiny bit appl-star1
and the monofilament thread from time to time, get all bird nest (on the back) on me. Have tried to change the thread tension, but I think I have to pay more attention on where I go.

Also, I do not have thin enough needles (but they will come tomorrow or the day after from eBay) so you see the “punch” marks. That is – if you look close enough. If you keep the piece 30cm away you can see the tiny “punch” marks but not the stitches, depending on if you are wearing glasses or not 😉 This star is approx.2 inch wide and if I hold it 10-15cm away I could hardly see the stitches but the tiny fraying.appl-star2Well, more trials to come. Tonight will be pizza take out at sons request. The DH won’t anything but toast ;o