There is this German low cost grocery chain named Lidl here and you can find all sorts of fun an affordable stuff. Like this bild 1-2 bild 2a box of small chocolate cookies (two layers). OK, maybe not French chocolate top notch quality, but they are nice with a cup of tea or coffee. and John happily ate some last night. And if you don’t like the biscuits, the box which os gorgeous is well worth the price – 79SEK (just over 10USD) where you can store your notions and such 🙂

Fun; In the fall 2013 the pop-up restaurant DILL opened in Stockholm and became the place to go for foodies, it was quickly sold out and people raved about the fine dining at affordable prices. After the first brouhaha had died down, it was official – all the ingredients used in the restaurant came from LIDL (throw the letters around and you get DILL) and people was caught with their pants down (that is what I think) since LIDL isn’t the epitome of high end quality to most, specially foodie snobs.

Edited: I came away with some sweets, a bottle of polish remover (gotta buy some more since they have this pump like top) and a packed of Serrano ham. Next time I go I’m going to buy french fresh butter, some cheeses, Greek Antipasti and some sorbets and – I might dare to venture out my prejudice zone and try some of their meat:)