gorgeous I think these are:artisan-spirit-JRI love most of my fabrics but these from Northcott’s Artisan Spirit Shimmer that arrived in my mailbox today make me almost swoon since they look like jewels and I do love jewels.

I have decided (at least i think I do) that I will use these (not all of them) and the gold (and maybe silver) shimmers for the stars. Still have a bit of a problem (understatement) do nice appliqué stitches on the machine, no matter monofilament or not. I think the problem lies with my ability to concentrate enough for the stitches to stay where they are supposed to, but practice practice and I might get there…

Otherwise – a bit of sun, me and Diego saw one gigantic buck on our walk, John passed out in gym class 😮 but is well now – luckily he has wonderful and caring friends who walked him home (he plain out refused to be picked up), beef fajitas for dinner and that’s about it.

Nice evening all around!