As I said in the former post, I have tried all kind of ways to attach the stars to the background and at times thought I just chuck it and glue the danged pieces in their place. I know, that won’t work either and after trying this and that I think that I have come to the conclusion that a narrow zick-zack (not too narrow though) with YLI silk thread will work the best star3I have one problem, since the stars have such sharp points, the fabric easily fray and some strands of thread shows between the stitches. Maybe I ought to get some fray check?

I hava tried satin machine stitch:star1but since the stars is rather small, the stitches build up quite ugly (the beige ones). Have to think about this some more.

You know I do love my kitchen gadgets and a month or so ago my stick blender started to give up and I bought a new one  – amazingly good 🙂 Then my electrical pepper grinder gave up and I ended up buying this

81VfcjVOkQL._SL1500_Isn’t it gorgeous? I have a pestle and mortar that is in this design area. Got a note from Amazon.UK on Friday that it has been shipped – yay.

Sunday morning and for once I could see the beginning of a sunrise behind the trees, but no – there was a sun no-show, just a glimpse behind the clouds. I am so totally envious for those who goes abroad to warmer places in this time of the year…