Found a pic on Pintrest that inspired me to take Infinity to the next level. At least toward being able to finish it and this is what I have got so far: outbe1
Not sure about which fabrics and which colors to use, but I think it will be almost like this. Got so inspired that I ordered two jelly of rolls of Artisan Spirit “Shimmer” collection and dug out some of the metallic ones (Hoffman Joy of Life) I used in the octagons. I made star templates (thanks to Beths’ generosity) and used some of my treasured roll of Floriani AppliKay Wonder Repositional Fusible Web on the back, that ways I can move the stars around. The BIG question is – how to I sew them to the background? Tried both hand blanket stitch, machine satin stitch and machine blanket stitch. With both Cosmo and DMC embroidery floss and metallic thread and nothing looked good up front. But if I took a step back, the stitching wasn’t that obvious….but then, I haven’t made any sample with the smallest stars – yet. Maybe I can glue them in place 😉

First day of my 4 week vacation and I have “allowed” myself to do nothing, exempt playing with the stars and take Diego out for a nice walk. We took our first one in ages yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic – Diego was so happy and I was too – being able to walk a longer distance without severe pain = YYYAAAAYYY.

bild-8My love child LOL.