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I just love to get packages, surprise ones from friends are the best, but even getting boxes with stuff I ordered and paid for is fun. Tuesday – the order from a Swedish online shop eleven.se with some toiletries like the most amazing smelling hand lotion from Multon Brown – lime and patchouli. It smell so great that I have ordered the hand soap as well. Yesterday Glossy Box time and for once I liked all the products and will keep them for my self. Today latest purchase from Amazon UK, oh my I do buy a lot of books, but that is because our library’s selection of novels in English is puny and old. Five new glorious books, among them the latest Ken Follett – thick as a brick 🙂 Then the special post delivery guy came with my order of four different loose teas, also from UK. Go figure – UK and tea 🙂 All in all I feel like I have some sort of Kinder surprice, you know these chocolate eggs with a tiny toy inside? Now I just wait for some fabrics (more Artisan Spirit from Northcott) from ToB and I think that’s it. I have a friend who once told me I’m spoiled and maybe she is right. Being able to get these small pleasures for myself are a wonderful, but as that L’Oreal commercial say “because I’m worth it” LOL.

Tomorrow night Sam with 5 friends will descend on us – big sci-fi show in Älvsjö on Saturday and some fun time out on the town. How wonderful to have him home for a bit ❤