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The DH sent me this last week and isn’t that the truth? I was stuck in the “this is shit, I am shit part” but heck if I was going to quit the paper piecing try outs. In my mind the compass needle would fit so very well into the design of the Infinity.

So yesterday I decided to be brave and break free from the trial scraps and went for the “real” fabrics.
needle10The background fabric is from JoAnnes (a big part via Beth) and the compass needle is made with fabrics from the Northcott’s Artisan Spirit line. The colors don’t come out true, but if you click on the picture it looks a wee bit better.

Pinned Infinity to the design “wall” and almost was struck by an “this is twosome” moment 🙂 Since there is no free wall space in the entire house large enough to hold the whole piece it don’t hang properly, the lightning suck and the hot fix crystals glitter to much, so the pic isn’t by any means perfect. But you get the idea: top-w-needleAs always my brain start to run one step ahead and so far I have no clue on that to put inside the outer bends and when it comes to the outer border – how do you paper piece triangles of different sizes? Something to think about when the brain isn’t otherwise occupied 😉

First fast day in ages – it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry!! Bought my first butternut squash ever, it will go into a curry dish for dinner from one of the Hairy Bikers diet books. Or maybe I make their Moussaka instead? Needs something to warm us in this horrible windy wet weather.