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“Random headshot” as John yelles from time to time while gaming, but that was what it felt when I received my very first issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited MQU-14-11-Nov-Cover1-e1413588819817Most stuff in there made my chin drop in total awesomeness……how do they do it? I did see many drop dead gorgeous quilts of all kinds in Houston, but some of the ones in this magazine is remarkable.  Like Sandra Leichner’s whole cloth quilt (the one the cover) that is entirely quilted on a domestic machine and it took 2 months only 😉 to trim away the trapunto. My mind boggles and I simply can’t understand how that is done.

Or the incredible pieces of various techniques on pages 28-34 that looked utterly realistic (I think I like the bear the most since the thread work is amazing) that made my poor little quilter heart go flippetyflopp and bit of jealousness (like it did seeing all these ads for Long Arms) occurred. Haha, the poor Infinity will look puny in comparison ;9

I have read some of the quilting mags that is out there, but I must say this is one of the most inspiring ones and I think I just have to back order some earlier issues. If it’s possible. Apart from that piece of inspirational treat, my lastest fabric purchases have sailed through and landed in my mailbox untouched. 20141122And I made the first compass needle that I’m almost satisfied with. It’s not blocked or anything, just one of the many trial pieces. I didn’t even bother with cutting out the background triangles straight, so some came out en biased, hence the fat needle and scrunched up upper parts. Makes no never mind 🙂full8Well it’s typical November weather in Stockholm (grey dank and cold), can’t remember when was the last day we had sun…I no inclination what so ever to go outside if I don’t have to and the laundry can wait until tomorrow. A day for sewing – some more compass needles.