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or “skam den som ger sig” a very Swedish saying that roughly translates into “shame on them who give up”. Damned if I quit these compass needles thingees, normal people might but I have set my mind to have them on the Infinity inside the big bends. I haven’t counted how many trials I have sewn  (read a lot) got thrown in the waste basked after just two quarters, others have made it to half a needle so I’ll bet all un all it’s a bit over 20. After taking Beth‘s advice – all from setting the stitch length to very low to starch the pieces to h-l and back, today I ended up with this half


And just check out this smaller point 8aMaybe not 100% perfect, but as close as I have been able to get. The pieces are only finger pressed, therefor not totally straight seams. If anyone might wonder, the white piece in the middle is yet one more of my little cutting mishaps. Soon, soon I will walk over to the darker side – to use the same fabric that is the background for Infinity and fabrics from Northcott’s Asian Spirit line. In-te-re-sting. Got some of that line in the mail yesterday, but is waiting for the “right” fabrics to arrive. I find that line of fabric incredible beautiful and – very useful, especially in appliqués and stuff.

We are still on the over freezing with a couple of plus centigrades  but total lack sun. I think they said that this is the most sunless November in the longest of times. Make you want to emigrate or hibernate.hibernation-300x300