Here I am, not able to go onwards due to CC theft. Well not actually physical theft but online hijacking. How on earth they got hold of my number I have no idea (hadn’t made any purchases prior to this happen), but they sent out a 6 USD probe and luckily the card company caught it at once and – froze my card. But they didn’t have the right phone number on file, so I had no clue until I tried to pay for some fabrics. Not some fabrics, but the ones I need/want for the compass needles. Sigh. So back to reading and I have two novels going on plus – John did lend me his school copy of “The fault in our stars”, since he is ahead in the reding schedule. I’m halfway through so I’ll bet I finish it today. Now, if only John could find me an online places to watch Gone Girl I will be a happy girl:)