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I have come to the conclusion that there must be a correlation between puzzles, crosswords, suduko and paper piecing – there simply must be a part of the brain involved in these activities. And I’m no good at either. Well honestly, the first three I suck at, my brain simply refuse to co-operate – you can hear the cog wheels in there churning round and round in total vain.

Paper piecing…the cogs do their work and after like at least 15 trials of different parts of the compass needle, I ended up with this: needle5Don’t think I’m able to do them better than this and I see no point in making the second half, the technique (or lack of?) is the same. It´s only finger pressed and no, I won’t tell how many times I unstitched the smaller points no matter how much I marked and pinned the first time. Now I think I have to take a deep breath and relax my poor overheated brain before I tackle  the four ones that will go into the Infinity project. Wonder if fabric auditioning counts for relaxing work? I have in mind to make each one of the four in a different color – but which? And how on earth will I get these compass needles onto the top? Have no clue, non at all.

Dinner will be pork chops in a cream sauce of my own making and sliced fryed potatoes – yummy 🙂