You know trying to make a perfect compass needle is almost driving me of the wall. I don’t know which number of trial one this is, but this is as good as I have managed so far. And it isn’t especially good.needle3

Heck – I wake up in the middle of the night, trying to figure out where I go wrong in this paper piecing madness. As always I have some good ideas which vaporize when the morning comes. Ideal would be to be able to climb out of bed and try these ideas out, but then I would wake the dogs and The DH would probably have a word or so about me waking him up when I put the pedal to the metal…. Every time I think I got the process of this pattern, my brain kind of get into a slide and I end up clueless. I mean it, totally and absolute clueless – can’t even decide where the connecting seams are supposed to go… Wonder if it would be more easy to manage if I make the pattern a bit larger?? Nope, that PDF file seem locked and I couldn’t get it to print a larger version.

Then I just had a true epiphany moment – what if I don’t pluck out the paper foundation before I joined the seams? Then I will have a true “ruler” to follow instead of a wobbly edge! Said and done, made one 1/4 block and look – sharp points!!DSCN6463I do understand that if I leave the paper in all four !/4 blocks there will be some substantial built up in the end, but luckily I have a strong machine and the paper will be removed in the end. I just have to try 😉