He, I know many think this method (also called foundation piecing and more) is gods gift to quilters, but me and PP are simply not friends. I have tried from time to time with lousy results (remember these small NY Beauty trials I made?) but I’m not ready to give up totally. So in search for something to put inside the outer bends I was first thinking suns…but that took me back NY Beauty and soooo many spikes 😮 The Beth said “Mariners compass”, but it didn’t feel right either. So search and you shall find and at Crafty I found a pattern for a Compass Needle that looked interesting enough to purchase (cheap) and I have spent the morning trying to come to grips with it. And after sewing that 1/8 piece and realizing that I had to add a 1/4in seam allowance and putting the fabric bit’s the wrong way over and over again until I got it, I ended up with this halfbild-69 piece, made of left over black fabric and bits of a batik jelly roll. But still, the spikes don’t get exact, I still don’t manage to stop at the exact stitching point every time. Why? And then it struck me – I am using the start/stop button instead of the pedal! I disconnected the pedal when I was in so much pain and haven’t thought about putting it back. Have to try to locate it and give it a try.

Horrible weather outside and even thought I had planed to buy a new stick blender, I refuse to go outside. Tomorrow is back to work after 4 months of sick leave. And that is all I have to say about that 😉